Zynga, Pizza Hut Use Social Games To Fight World Hunger

Zynga and Pizza Hut are teaming up to offer social good through social gaming.  Exclusive in-game items can be purchased for $5 on four popular Zynga games: FarmVille, CityVille, Empire & Allies and The Pioneer Trail.  The items help players in-game but also support the World Food Programme in real life.  According to Mashable, it’s the first time Zynga has partnered with a brand in this way.
Zynga Teams With Pizza Hut For World Hunger Relief 2011

Zynga Teams With Pizza Hut For World Hunger Relief 2011How does it work? Players are asked to contribute $5, and then will receive their choice of a ‘limited edition’ in-game item.

This partnership stems from Pizza Hut’s support of the annual World Hunger Relief campaign, which launched September 26. Pizza Hut’s website for the effort, “Share a Slice of Hope,” asks viewers to help raise the goal of $2.5 million for the United Nations World Food Programme.  Last year, over $2 million was raised through a similar campaign, which provided 8 million meals.

How much will in-game item purchases add up to help hunger victims?  We’re excited to get the stats on this campaign as they become available.  Will social good (plus “limited edition” items) tempt players into making enough purchases to make a difference? Can social gaming be an effective vehicle for donations?

  • I never play any of these games. I have a secret shame but I’m not telling. That’s still really cool though.

  • b.nijhoff

    I really liked to play these games and I played them a lot espically farmville, but I never bought something for real money in the stores of farmville or the other games. So for now on I will buy somethings because I now know where it goes to.

  • CiriaChavez

    all these games r great it my spare tyme 2 play nd my kids 2 i like it..

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