Over 20 Million Americans Scanned A QR Code In October

New data from comScore averages QR code use over a three month period ending in October 2011, and reveals that over 20 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their device to scan a QR code.

Where are mobile users scanning these codes?

  • 59% – a significant majority – scanned a QR code from home
  • 44% did so from a retail store
  • nearly 27% % did so from a grocery store
  • 21% scanned a QR code while at work
  • 11% scanned a QR code outside or on public transportation
  • almost 10% scanned a QR code while in a restaurant

20 Million Americans Scanned a QR Code in October via comScore

QR codes seem to be here to stay – will marketers adjust campaigns based on where users are tapping into these codes?

  • AnastaciaBrice

    @allenmireles I scan ’em all the time–mostly to find utterly useless (in the moment) info. Retailers (esp) need training.

    • allenmireles

      @AnastaciaBrice I think you have a valid point about training, Anastasia. So much training is needed and the need increases. Oy.

    • MarissaMcN

      @AnastaciaBrice so the technology is great, but marketers need make the content worthwhile. Have you seen any brands that did it right?

      • AnastaciaBrice

        @MarissaMcN BestBuy. They use QR codes to link to addt’l info on products like computers. I was able to bookmark and review at home.

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  • bulldog_donner

    @SocialMediaBuch Aha, naja ok.

  • IzabellaKovacs3

    @SocialMediaBuch wow das ist ja eine unglaubliche Zahl, jetzt gibt es bereits in den USA ein neues System das den QR Code schon bald ablöst.

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