Facebook Brand Posts Get One-Third of Their Reach Within Just 10 Minutes

Betty Crocker Facebook postA Facebook brand post will get one-third of its reach within the first 10 minutes after publication, and will get half of its reach within 30 minutes, according to recently updated data by SocialBakers.  An analysis of a select group of brand posts on October 31st looks at how quickly reach drops off following the first ten minutes after publication.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • in the first 10 minutes, posts got one-third of their total reach
  • in minutes 11-20 after publication, posts reached an estimated additional 13.2% of their total audience
  • in minutes 21-30, posts reached just another 4.7% of their total audience
  • after 90 minutes, the average post was reaching less than 2% of its total audience

Brands posting to Facebook see 60% of total engagement within the first hour after publication, and Marketing Charts advises that “brands looking to increase engagement with Facebook fans should consider when those fans’ peak levels of activity are.”

Has your brand figured out when to best reach fans on Facebook?  And are you posting often enough to reach a significant portion of your audience?

  • The good: instant results. The bad: short window to make any real changes based on analytic performance. So, run a different ad or create a new landing page / result next time around.

  • Good to know! Thanks!

  • The information is great but how do we actually know when our facebook fans are around? Is there a link or something? I have three fan pages for three different sites so this is very important. Thank you.

    • there are stats about the optimal time of day to reach facebook fans — is that what you mean?

    • The most cost-effective stats package I’ve tried that gives you some insight into time-of-day optimization for your specific pages is EdgeRankChecker.com. Personally, I never trust stats that use aggregated data to provide the “optimal time” to post.