#SXSW 2013 #Influence Panel: How To Find, Engage, Empower People Who Can Change The Conversation

Jure Klepic, Ekaterina Walters, Debra Kaye and Matt Hixson talk influence marketing at SXSW 2013.
Jure Klepic, Ekaterina Walters, Debra Kaye and Matt Hixson talk influence at SXSW 2013.

  • Sounds like a great panel, Tonia, with some very smart people. And the topic sounds very familiar, which bodes well. ;-)

    • Hi @dannybrown:disqus you really would have loved the conversation. Smart people on the panel — and in the audience. I ended up hanging out for another 2 hours just talking to everyone in the hallway. (And nearly fainting from hunger since I hadn’t had breakfast yet after the typical late night out at SXSW, but that’s a different story…)

      • Seems the conversation is finally growing up. Just watched a video interview of Joe Fernandez that yet again didn’t really delve into influence; glad to see the likes of this panel moving it forward.

        • I feel like that’s true across the industry right now — so many more conversations at SXSW this year were focused on real business value, vs just what’s cool. Hope to see that moving forward at other conferences, too…

        • Yes the conversation is “growing up”, love how you put that. True change has always coem from the people on the ground – history ( glad it was one of my fav topics in school).

          • I LOVED history at school – didn’t make me popular with the cool kids, but hey, who cares? :)

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