• Stacey Herbert

    I think one of the main problems is, a lot of small business owners are not really even using email marketing to it’s full potential. So, while they know they need a web site that’s responsive let’s say, they don’t necessarily think about the UX of when a prospect or previous customer reads their email communications on mobile.

    It was interesting and really helpful that you gave some data about how many people are making purchasing decisions via mobile. I’m guessing more people wait until they are able to see what is being offered on the big screen from their laptop/desktop, and make their real buying decisions then, I’m guessing in most cases email read on mobile is just another touch in the sales cycle, rather than really effective at closing the sale?

    • I think it all depends on the timing. If I’m actively researching products to buy online, I’m more likely to use my desktop. But for impulse purchases, I’ve used a mobile device as much as anything. And I’d bet that percentage of people who buy via mobile will continue to rise, so it’s better to prepare for next year’s reality.

    • While the study shows that purchases are still more likely to happen on a desktop/laptop, the rapid growth of mobile purchasing – especially on tablets – can’t be ignored. It’s time for brands to devote real effort to making their emails and purchase options mobile-friendly.