Pepsi Max #LiveForNow Campaign Brings User-Generated Vines to UK Billboards

Pepsi Max UK campaign puts consumer-generated Vines on outdoor billboardsBranded contests that bring consumers’ tweets and photos to billboards have proven to be a successful formula for engagement and exposure. Now, Pepsi Max is taking the union of social media engagement and outdoor billboards a step further, bringing user-generated Vine videos to billboards across the U.K.

The brand’s #LiveForNow campaign encourages consumers to submit “unbelievable” Vines (six-second videos) for the chance to see their video on huge billboards in seven British cities (AdAge).

Pepsi Max is using Twitter to promote the campaign, and has already taken over the billboards with messages encouraging consumers to submit their Vines. Pepsi Max’s creative agency will coordinate sifting through submissions and finding the best entries.

Chosen entries will be broadcast over the billboards, and also featured on a Pepsi Max YouTube channel. The brand has an impressive social media following in the UK:  Pepsi Max UK’s Facebook page has over 1.1 million likes and @PepsiMaxUK has 59,000 followers on Twitter.

The campaign shows how social advertising is evolving; while posting consumer submissions on billboards is now almost commonplace (HTC One and Domino’s Pizza both recently had campaigns featuring fan-generated content on billboards in Times Square), Pepsi Max UK took the concept to the next level, incorporating Vine videos instead of just tweets or images.  So the question is — what’s next?

  • Please follow up with how many entries. The Best Buy Black Friday Vine campaign had like 20 because the winners only got a retweet from the best buy twitter feed and thus no one cared.

    • We’ll post numbers once they’re available – and you make a good point. There needs to be an incentive for consumers to create and submit Vines for a brand – would seeing your Vine on a huge billboard in the U.K. be enough to inspire you to participate?

      • I think it will be because that is huge ego stroking vs a tweet. Imagine they offered a billboard in timesquare or similar in London.