The Most Important Step In Your Online Presence: Your Website

The Most Important Step In Your Online Presence: Your Website

Whether you run a small business, are selling your crafts on the side, or job hunting, you should never neglect the most important part of your online presence and that is having your own website. Don’t be fooled by what other people say. Social media alone will not establish you enough. You need to have your own website. It remains something people look for when they’re researching your online brand.

Yes, You Are Serious

When you make your own website, you show the world that you are serious about your business. A Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page is not enough, and don’t consider your Etsy or Shopify pages enough either. When your potential customers are browsing through these social media and sales platforms, you are a needle in a haystack competing for position among millions of other users. Having your own website gets people to your platform more quickly.

It Builds Credibility

Aside from showing you’re serious about your business, or even selling your crafts, having your own website shows you are also credible. Today’s shopper researches much more than he or she used to prior to making purchasing decisions, and if you have a website and plenty of social media to tell someone who you are, he or she will respond. People might not take a Facebook page seriously, there’s not much effort there, but they will be impressed if you have a website.

You Can Show Off

With your own website, you have the perfect medium to show off. You can talk about your passion for your business or craft, what you do, and why you do it. You also have the perfect place to build separate photo and video pages to showcase your products. A page full of high resolution photographs of your beautiful crafts will sell them more effectively than a Facebook post. Plus, you’re proud of what you do, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t toot your own horn.

Works For Job Seekers Too

You might be surprised to know that building your own website also works if you’re searching for a job. According to USA Today, websites help recruiters find and contact you more easily. Plus, this medium gives you a chance to shout your skills to rooftops. Use your own website to list your education, experience, and skills in a creative and unique way. You can also link recruiters to your references and other resources to make their jobs much easier.

Plus, you do not want recruiters looking at your social media platforms when they’re considering you for employment. It’s a well known fact that many people are removed from consideration after human resources staff browse social media pages and see party photos or other distasteful posts. This shouldn’t be done. Everyone has a right to a social life, but nonetheless, this is 21st century job recruiting.

Whether you own your own business, are selling your crafts for extra money, or are looking for your dream job, if you build it they will come. Make certain you have your own website for people to see. This is the perfect medium to showcase you and your talents, and it lets people know that you’re serious about what you do.