How To Market Internationally

How To Market Internationally

Businesses may be happy with their local clientele, however, with the internet and other innovative technologies, there is the possibility of becoming an international sensation.

Online marketing is proving successful for many businesses. The likes of social media and email marketing are ensuring SME and large retailers can find themselves in the inbox and on the social media feeds of many, regardless of location or time zones. However, the work and effort must be put in.

Your email campaign will be crucial to your business integration into the international market. Conduct research and collect data on your customers, and segment your findings so you can send relevant, personalized emails which produce 2.5x more click-through rates and 6x more sales.

Make sure all email is relevant when targeting prospective customers as 74% of consumers report that irrelevant email frustrates them; therefore, harming your brand’s reputation. Irritating your new target market will hinder your business progression to international markets.

Tips for personalizing emails for international markets include: using native speakers, incorporating language-specifics, understanding the local culture (national sports, food and drink, etc.) and considering local time zones and special holidays.

Ensuring your emails can be opened effectively over all electronic devices will better your chances of becoming noticed overseas. On an average day, 53% of emails are opened on an electronic device, and this increases to 75% during the holiday season. You need to use mobile friendly email templates, so your email looks great and functions over numerous platforms; reaching many countries.

There are risks of upsetting your business when marketing overseas, however, the benefits can be worthwhile. Conduct appropriate research and understand your international market with a personalized and mobile friendly email campaign.