About The Realtime Report

The Realtime Report℠ is entirely focused on the business use of the social and mobile web.  We collect and publish social media business and realtime marketing case studies, campaigns, research and statistics on our web site at TheRealtimeReport.com, and in our weekly email newsletter.  We also produce The Realtime Conference℠ (formerly TWTRCON), an event that features social media case study presentations from leading brands, non-profits and government agencies.

Our goal is to create a resource and a place — both online and at our events — where business people managing social, mobile and realtime business  strategies can exchange ideas and learn best practices.  We love feedback and input, so please send any suggestions to tonia@modernmediapartners.com.

The Realtime Report is produced by Modern Media, a team of people dedicated to driving innovation in the media industry.  In addition to working on #RLTM, we are an agency that creates events, marketing programs and digital campaigns, primarily for clients in the media industry.  You can meet the people on the Modern Media team here.

Guest Writing for The Realtime Report

We encourage you to submit your ideas for guest posts.  Your post should be focused on the business application of social media, mobile and realtime technologies–case studies are ideal, but we will consider other types of posts, too.  Please send your ideas to tonia@modernmediapartners.com.


Yes, please do.  We encourage opinion and debate, but we ask that you keep it professional and constructive.  If you don’t, your comments may be deleted.


No.  But we do accept advertising.  Please contact carolyn@modernmediapartners.com for details.


The Realtime Report is all about the business use of social media, so it’s a great way to connect with decision makers driving  social media strategy, marketing, PR and customer service, and our conferences will put you in front of corporate and brand decision makers.  If you’re promoting a business tool or service, this would be a great place for you to advertise. Contact carolyn@modernmediapartners.com for more details.

Press Pitches

Sure.  We try to keep up with social media industry news, start-ups, social media reasearch and new realtime marketing campaigns.  If you can tell us about a social media business case study, even better.  But most of the pitches we get from PR people are not relevant, and thank you for understanding that we can’t promise a response to each one.   You can send them to tonia@modernmediapartners.com, you may get a response from Tonia, Marissa or John.


We are always open to speaker suggestions, and we maintain a database of possible speakers that we update even if we’re not actively recruiting for an event.  Send your suggestions or ideas to john@modernmediapartners.com.