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KLM Now Displays Social Media Customer Service Response Time

KLM To Launch 'Social Seating' Service

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today announced that it would begin displaying its social media team’s live response time in the header of its Twitter account and on the customer support page at It will also be visible on KLM’s global Facebook page shortly. Read →

Realtime Marketing Lab: Get In The Meeting Zone With Our Help Desk, Sandbox, And The Trendr Official #RLTM Networking App

#RLTM Realtime Marketing Lab

Next week’s Realtime Marketing Lab is all about learning about the latest realtime marketing tools and strategies. Got it. But it’s also an incredible opportunity for you to expand your network and connect with other professionals who are just as passionate about being on the cutting-edge of the latest marketing trends as you are. Read →

Your Realtime Marketing Toolbox: The Essentials–And The Questions You Should Be Asking

Realtime Marketing Toolbox Essentials

Customer, influencer and fan engagement now happens in realtime. Customers expect a 24-hour response time to inquiries they post on social networks, brands from Oreos to the USTA are using realtime marketing strategies to amplify their message, and companies such as Xerox are using realtime analytics to manage and measure the perception of their brand. But how can you possibly manage all of these realtime interactions, at scale, and integrate them with your broader marketing strategies?

The good news: in the last 6 to 12 months, realtime marketing technologies have become far more sophisticated, bringing the ability to listen to large volumes of unstructured data, make sense of far-reaching conversations around your brand, respond with personalized content and manage the engagement of customers, influencers and fans. Read →

Realtime Marketing: How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Know Your Customers Twitter Word Cloud sm

Last week I was asked to lead a discussion of trends in digital marketing with a group of senior marketing executives in the building industry. These were smart, experienced marketing leaders, running organizations that had well-executed content marketing, social media and lead nurture strategies tied to sophisticated CRM deployments.

But they didn’t know squat about their customers. Read →

Why Is Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland The Perfect Closing Speaker For Realtime Marketing Lab?

Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland to keynote Realtime Marketing Lab

At Realtime Marketing Lab, Chris will deliver a session titled ‘Beyond Realtime Marketing: Become A Realtime Brand.’ Instead of figuring out how to convert fans into fan-ambassadors or fan-advocates, he will tell us how to turn them into fan-designers. He’ll share the results from the latest brand hackathon that he’ll be hosting in Las Vegas the weekend before the event. He will push us to go beyond realtime marketing, and challenge us to figure out how we can start thinking like true realtime brands. Read →

Realtime Relationships: Why I Asked Ted Rubin To Co-Host Realtime Marketing Lab On October 14

Ted Rubin to co-host Realtime Marketing Lab sq

Realtime Marketing is about many things: the right analytics tools to surface and prioritize conversations. A content strategy that lets you curate and manage dynamic streams of content. Connecting with communities that are distributed across many different platforms. Platforms and strategies to engage fans and turn them into brand advocates. An organizational structure that makes it possible for employees (and customers) to collaborate across functional areas to serve customer needs.

These are all components of an overall realtime marketing strategy, and you’ll be able to see tools that power all of these activities at our Realtime Marketing Lab on October 14. You’ll see case studies from brands that are powering innovative realtime marketing campaigns, and you’ll hear how senior marketing executives from leading brands evaluate the latest realtime marketing technologies.

But at the end of the day, why are we doing all of this hard work? It’s because realtime marketing is an opportunity to build real relationships. Read →

Branderati Influencer Marketing Programs: Long-Term Relationships, Not Campaigns

Branderati builds communities of brand advocates

Branderati builds long-term relationships with brand influencers by recruiting advocates from an existing community of engaged influencers, empowering them to personalize and share exclusive content about your brand, and then rewarding them by celebrating their contributions. Read →

Triberr’s Influencer Marketing Campaign Service Turns Bloggers Into Brand Ambassadors

Triberr logo

Earlier this month, Triberr unveiled an influencer marketing campaign service that lets brands recruit bloggers and then reward them for participating in campaigns. The service is differentiated from other influencer marketing platforms in several ways. Here’s what really sets it apart: because it is built on Triberr’s technology for connecting bloggers into collaborative groups (“tribes”) in which bloggers agree to share each other’s content, campaigns that run on the new Triberr service have the potential to create an instant community of mutually-supportive brand ambassadors. Read →

Join Us At The Realtime Marketing Lab This October

The Realtime Marketing Lab Test Drive the Latest Tools Yourself

It’s time for a new kind of social media conference: fun, hands on, focused on tools and their business value. We’re announcing our next event: the Realtime Marketing Lab, to take place on October 14 at the Altman Building in New York City. Explore the latest realtime tools and technologies, get up to speed and connect with other marketing and social media experts across industries. Read →

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