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Embedding Tweets on Your WordPress Blog

How To Embed Tweets in a WordPress Post

Today at the Realtime Report we developed a WordPress plugin to embed Tweets using the Twitter API. Until we get this into the WordPress plugin repository you can download the zip here and upload to your blog. Read →

How the Nuyorican Poets Cafe Gained 20,000 Facebook Fans

Nuyorican Poets Cafe logo

How did a small arts venue go from having no online presence to fully engaging in social media with 20,000 fans on Facebook in just three years? Daniel Gallant, the Executive Director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC’s Lower East Side, discussed the organization’s transformation into the digital space at #RLTM Realtime NY 11. Read →

How to Use Twitter to Develop New Business: Laura Fitton at TWTRCON NY 10 (Video)

Laura Fitton

Our friends at WomenCentric have posted another great Realtime Conference video — this one from last year’s TWTRCON NY 10. Pattie Simone interviews Laura Fitton, who shares some fantastic tips for how small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives can use Twitter to find and develop new, qualified business leads. And, Laura is a Twitter business success case study herself, having used Twitter to become the Founder and CEO of, a venture-funded business. Read →

Video: How to Segment Your Audience on Twitter

PR Newswire logo

Managing a corporate Twitter account is like realtime publishing and, just like in the magazine world, you need to have an editorial plan and assign beats, says PR Newswire’s Victoria Harres in this interview with Women Centric’s Pattie Simone, which was filmed at TWTRCON NY 10 last June. Read →

A Twitter 101 Checklist for You — and for Your Business

Twitter 101 Checklists

Two handy checklists of best practices for managing your Twitter account–for yourself, and for your brand. If you’re looking for a quick list of guidelines on content, etiquette and how to manage your profile, this guide should help.
Read →

#TWTRCON Tuesday: Tell Your Friends, Maybe Win a Free Pass!

New Bird

We are eight weeks away from TWTRCON SF!  Our early bird discount expires at the end of this week, and we need your help getting out the word! To make sure that as many people as possible hear about TWTRCON SF before the early bird rates expire at the end of the week, we are […] Read →

JetBlue Marketer to Agencies: Find Me on Twitter

One basic way agencies can demonstrate digital chops to a potential client? Find him or her on Twitter. That’s the lesson to be learned from JetBlue’s senior VP-marketing and commercial, Marty St. George (who will be speaking on June 14 at TWTRCON NY), who decided to test agencies currently vying for the airline’s marketing account […] Read →

Reaching Millions With Twitter: The Whole Foods Story

Marla Erwin, Interactive Art Director for Whole Foods Market, was instrumental in creating Whole Foods’ acclaimed social media program and the results have been phenomenal! For example, in the first year, Wholefoods gained a million Twitter followers. It has now surpassed 1.75 million people with its 150 different Twitter accounts (some are devoted to products, […] Read →

Dyn Inc. to its Followers: "Tweet Nerdy to Me"

The business of managed DNS (Internet Infrastructure as a Service) is anything but sexy, but the Dyn Inc. team has a group of 2,000+ passionate users following them on Twitter. The Dyn Inc. story began the same way a number of tech start-ups did — as a big idea out of a college dorm room. […] Read →

How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

IBM doesn’t have a corporate Twitter ID because “we want the IBMers in aggregate to be the corporate blog and the corporate Twitter ID,” says Adam Christensen, social media communications at IBM Corporation. “We represent our brand online the way it always has been, which is employees first. Our brand is largely shaped by the […] Read →

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