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Vine Adds Loop Count, Updating Video Views in Realtime

Pepsi Max UK campaign puts consumer-generated Vines on outdoor billboards

Last week, Vine introduced a “Loop Count” metric that shows users and marketers how many times people are watching, (or looping) their videos. Before the release of this new feature, brands and users of Vine had to rely on likes, comments and revines (which not longer exist) to determine the reach of their videos. Now with loop count, the number of people watching any Vine is updated — in realtime. Read →

Yo. Is It Here To Stay?

Yo Logo

The seemingly pointless app Yo, which was released fittingly on April 1st, is causing a buzz in the mobile world. Yo lets users send messages to friends that say “Yo”– and thats it. So, is it for real? Read →

MyPermissions’ Android App: Is Your Private Information Secure?

Version 3.0 of MyPermissions' Android App protects user's private information.

The amount of time the average U.S. consumer spends on their mobile device has risen to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day in 2014, according to Flurry. U.S. consumers have then dedicated 86% (2 hrs and 19 minutes) of that time to their mobile apps; making it essential for people and brands to understand which of […] Read →

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

YouTube drives the most engaged referral traffic

Influicity is set to unveil a “first-to-market” platform that allows marketers to efficiently search and connect with YouTube influencers. This YouTube influencer platform categorizes 140,000 influencers into one marketplace, where brands are able to browse through them using filters such as age, gender, location and subject-matter. Once selected, marketers can collaborate with influencers using the platform’s campaign management […] Read →

#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms logo

Are hashtags part of your brand’s marketing plan? Hashtags work on multiple social networks — but until recently there was no easy way to search them on all of these platforms. Enter; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.” Read →

#ActionTags Let Consumers Buy Products Directly From TV Ads Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Chirpify launches #actiontags for TV ads

Starting March 4th, consumers can instantly purchase products that they see on TV through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Chirpify’s new #actiontags for TV could be a game-changer for brands, making it possible to create conversions and purchase opportunities directly from TV ads. Read →

Would You Sacrifice Your Privacy For A $5 Gift Card?

Placed tracks consumer data 24/7

Your location is very, very valuable to marketers. But are you willing to offer them that information, around the clock, in exchange for $5 and $10 gift cards — as well as the occasional bigger prize? Read →

Tweet to Translate: Free Twitter Hub at Sochi Games

One Hour Translation offers free Twitter hub at Sochi Games

We’ve all heard the dismal reports from journalists checking into not-quite-ready hotels, but there’s some good news at Sochi too. One of our favorites is a free, on-demand Twitter translation service for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Read →

Cinime Lets Moviegoers Connect Little Screen To Big Screen


The time has come: mobile apps have arrived at the movies. Cinime invites moviegoers to “use your little screen to get more from the big screen.” Here’s how it works: Read →

Doing Just Vine: How Vine Changed the Social Landscape

Vine: marketing for SMBs

Approaching the one-year anniversary of its launch, Vine has proven to be the little app that could. The microvideo platform has done plenty to change the face of social as we know it, and managed to teach marketers and businesses alike what it means to make a mark on such a volatile market. Read →

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