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Will Pinterest Go Public?

Will Pinterest Go Public?

This is a guest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for It’s no secret that Pinterest has been steadily gaining steam in the social sphere for the past year or so. Now the once-budding social “scrapbooking” site looks to be taking the next major step toward Internet superstardom. That’s right; a hotly-anticipated IPO seems […] Read →

World Cup Social Media Fever: 53% of US Smartphone Users Plan To Use Facebook To Discuss The Games

World Cup tweets may help fuel faster growth for Twitter

With the 2014 World Cup in full swing, it has become evident that soccer has taken over social media, especially when it comes to Facebook. Facebook remains the preferred outlet for fans to discuss the tournament’s action, as more than half of U.S. smartphone users following the World Cup plan to communicate through Facebook while watching the event, according to […] Read →

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

YouTube drives the most engaged referral traffic

Influicity is set to unveil a “first-to-market” platform that allows marketers to efficiently search and connect with YouTube influencers. This YouTube influencer platform categorizes 140,000 influencers into one marketplace, where brands are able to browse through them using filters such as age, gender, location and subject-matter. Once selected, marketers can collaborate with influencers using the platform’s campaign management […] Read →

Social Networking Stats: World Cup Draws 58 Million Facebook Users On First Day, #RLTM Scoreboard

World Cup tweets may help fuel faster growth for Twitter

During the first day of World Cup 2014, over 58 million Facebook users accounted for more than 140 million interactions on the social network. See more stats on World Cup social interactions, and the latest numbers for the major social networks on the #RLTM Scoreboard: Read →

Social Media News Ticker: Embed Tweets Within Tweets on Twitter, Instagram Expands Ads Outside U.S.

Social Media News Ticker

Instagram will expand advertising to the UK, Canada and Australia, YouTube comes to PlayStation 4, Twitter embeds tweets within tweets, and more. Read →

Social Media Campaigns Kick-Off 2014 World Cup

World Cup tweets may help fuel faster growth for Twitter

Today marks the start of the 2014 World Cup, a month-long event highly anticipated by fans – and marketers – around the globe. Social media is expected to play a huge role in this year’s tournament, and we’ve compiled some of the most popular and creative marketing campaigns centered around the event: Read →

20% Of Apps Are Opened Only Once

App retention is on the rise (study)

So your brand has created a useful, engaging app for consumers, and seen a significant number of downloads. That’s great — except you don’t know how often consumers are actually using the app. New data from Localytics finds that one in five apps are only opened once — and compared to previous years, that’s actually a good thing. Read →

Hidden Cash: What The Latest Twitter Trend Could Mean For Brands

@HiddenCash social media scavenger hunt sweeps the nation

It’s the latest craze on Twitter: users hide cash, tweet clues about where to find it, and then leave instructions for the finders to “pay it forward.” The concept has quickly spread across the nation — but what does it mean for brands? Read →

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Acquires Pryte, Instagram 6.0, Vine Comes To Xbox One

Social Media News Ticker

Vine comes to TV with Xbox One, Pinterest launches self-service advertising, Twitter acquires native ad specialist Namo Media, and more: here are the latest updates in social media. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks


The average millennial checks their smartphone about 45 times a day, and is 56% more likely to find brand content on social networks than on search engines or other online news feeds, according to a recent study. Check out the study highlights on millennials and content discovery, and the latest social networking stats on the #RLTM Scoreboard. Read →

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