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80% of Twitter’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile

Twitter's first quarter earnings report

Twitter just announced its first quarter earnings report for 2014, with impressive gains in advertising: total revenue grew 119% year-over-year, with 90% of those earnings coming from advertising. Of that advertising revenue, a huge chunk – 80% – came from mobile. Read →

Mobile To Account for 53% of Twitter’s Ad Revenue in 2013

Mobile ad revenues play big role for Twitter

A revised forecast for advertising spending on Twitter estimates the site will earn close to $1 billion in 2014, according to eMarketer. This year, Twitter will earn $582.8 million in global ad revenue; 53% of that will come from mobile advertising. The estimate shows marked growth in earnings from mobile advertising, which accounted for “virtually no ad revenue” back in 2011. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Facebook’s Ad Revenue Is 22X Twitter’s, #RLTM Scoreboard

Facebook Ad Revenue is 22X Higher Than Twitter's

Twitter is looking to prepare for an eventual IPO, but ad revenue is still lagging behind, despite high user numbers. Read more about Twitter’s struggle to gain advertisers, and check out the #RLTM Scoreboard with the latest social networking stats. Read →

Twitter Advertising Revenues Projected to Reach $150 Million in 2011

Social Network Advertising Revenues

eMarketer expects Twitter to earn $150 million in revenues this year, the vast majority of which will come from the US.  This represents a substantial increase over the company’s 2010 revenues of $45 million.  eMarketer forecasts that by 2012, Twitter revenues will reach $250 million, passing MySpace in revenue generated. Read →

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