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Cutting The Mustard With The Grey Poupon Facebook Society Of Good Taste


I should have seen it coming. The buzz of ‘Downton Abbey.’ The 76-page Ralph Lauren catalog that arrived last week – Ralph looking most un-cowboy-ish behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, British flag on the door, RL girls posed, now on raked gravel courtyards in impeccable tweeds, now on horseback in black velvet evening dress, the fine saddle leather a dreamy contrast and rhinestone collar providing a certain edge. Restoration Hardware’s tome also arrived, reeking of Manor–upstairs and down, plus adjacent stables. Read →

USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad-Meter Gets Social With Facebook

Super Bowl XLVI Will Have A Social Media Command Center

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event of the year, and Facebook and USA Today have partnered to create an application that allows fans to rate commercials during the event. Called the “USA Today-Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter,” the app will be online through Facebook and USA Today, and available via mobile, for users to watch, rate, and share ads during the Super Bowl. Read →

How to Use Realtime Marketing To Deliver Value to the Right Customer at the Right Time.

It's Time to Go Realtime - our article in the The Social Media Monthly September issue sm

If you think social media is about being friends with your customers or winning more followers, you’re missing the point. The social graph is the conduit that allows brands to create real business value, rather than the value itself. With the rise of social, mobile, geolocation and realtime services, brands have a massive opportunity to solve the two age-old problems of advertising:
1. How do you get a customer’s attention when they don’t really want to be interrupted?
2. How do you get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time? Read →

Social Media ROI: Ads Provide a Big Return for KFC

Social Media Ads Pay Off for KFC

KFC, the fried chicken restaurant franchise founded by Colonel Sanders, has fully embraced social media activity. And it’s paying big dividends. A study by Ogilvy found that consumers who were exposed exclusively to social media ads for KFC were seven times more likely to spend more than the average consumer. Read →

Twitter Advertising Tryouts: How Four Brands Fared

Radioshack logo

Radio Shack, Unilever, Country Music Television and Zuji Australia are some of the more than 600 companies that Twitter says it has partnered with in its rapidly growing advertising business. In a recent report for eMarketer, social media analyst Kimberly Maul examine how those four brands fared with some of their test marketing efforts. Read →

Promoted Tweets in Your Timeline: Win, Fail or Boring?

Twitter Bird

Twitter has announced that they will begin streaming promoted tweets in the timeline itself. At #RLTM Realtime NY 11, I moderated a really interesting panel discussion that included Steve Klabnik, the founder of, an open-source service that clones the basic functionality of Twitter with a non-commercial and distributed system, who believes that “Twitter is too important to be owned by Twitter.” Read →

Online Americans Viewed Over 5 Billion Video Ads in June

Google Sites Rank as Top Online Video Content Property in June

New data from comScore’s Video Metrix service reveals that 178 million U.S. Internet users – 85.6% – watched online video content in June 2011, with an average of 16.8 hours per viewer. U.S. internet users engaged in an all-time high of over 6 billion viewing sessions during the month, and viewed over 5 billion online video ads over that time period. Read →

72% of Brand Marketers ‘Currently Using Mobile’ Plan To Increase Mobile Ad Spending

72 Percent of Brand Marketers Plan to Increase Mobile Ad Spending via IAB

A new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau confirms that mobile advertising platforms are being adopted rapidly by marketers. The most striking data: 72% (nearly three-quarters) of survey respondents are looking to increase their mobile advertising budget over the next two years, and 35% expect to increase mobile ad spending by over 50 percent in that same timeframe. Read →

Colgate Launches ‘Smile’ Campaign via Facebook

Colgate logo

On June 28th, Colgate launched a new campaign in Britain encouraging fans to take pictures of themselves smiling, post them to Facebook, and potentially have their photo displayed on digital billboards in the UK. The toothpaste brand aims to collect 1 million ‘smile’ pictures by summer’s end, and will donate £100,000 to Barnardo’s (a UK children’s charity) if that goal is reached. Read →

$4 Billion Facebook Advertising Market; 60% Via Self-Serve Ads

Facebook hits 901 million monthly active users

Facebook’s 714 million users create an irresistible target for advertisers large and small. According to eMarketer, Facebook will be taking a 17.7% share of the US online ad revenue market this year, and will more than double global ad revenue to $4.05 billion this year. eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson told Bloomberg that about 60% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from self-serve ads. Read →

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