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Social Networking Stats: Facebook Ranks #3 In Online Video Views, #RLTM Scoreboard

Social media ranks at bottom for website customer satisfaction

The latest report from comScore reveals that 183 million Americans watched more than 44 billion online content videos in June. Google Sites (driven largely by YouTube) had the highest engagement, and generated the highest number of video content views during June, nearly 15.7 billion. AOL followed with 775 million, and then Facebook with 730 million. Read →

Social Networking Accounts for 1 in 4 Minutes Spent Online in Europe

Social Networking Accounts for 1 in 4 Minutes Spent Online in Europe

The average European consumer spends more than a day (25.9 hours) online every month, according to a new report by comScore. For those 397 million Europeans, social networking now accounts for 1 in 4 minutes spent online. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Asia Pacific Has Highest Visitation, Europe Shows Greatest Engagement

Social Networking Visitation and Engagement Worldwide

A recent report from comScore measured social networking visitation and engagement around the world, by region. Asia Pacific saw the largest percent of worldwide visitors to social networking sites – 32.5% – and Europe had the highest engagement, responsible for 38% of all social networking minutes. Read →

Tumblr Hits 13.4 Million Visitors in July; Grows 218% Year Over Year

Tumblr Grows 218 Percent in One Year

New data from comScore shows that micro-blogging platform Tumblr has experienced significant growth over the past year, with visitor numbers growing from 4.2 million in July 2010 to 13.4 million in July 2011, a growth rate of 218%. Tumblr’s demographic is heavily skewed toward younger generations, with 50% of the site’s visitor base under age 25. Read →

Facebook Marketing: Newsfeed Impressions Matter More Than the Number of Fans

Starbucks logo

A recently released study – a collaboration by comScore and Facebook – suggests that the reach and frequency of brand impressions on Facebook may be more important that the number of Facebook fans. The study looks at unpaid impressions for three major brands – Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Bing – to see the impact of brand exposure, and how brand impressions reach friends of fans. Read →

Weather, Social Networking Are Most Popular Smartphone Apps

Weather Most Popular Category of Smartphone Apps

The latest data from comScore measures the popularity of smartphone applications in the US, where over 76.8 million Americans own smartphones as of May 2011 (a 57% increase from the previous year). Weather and social networking are the two most popular categories of smartphone apps. Read →

Online Americans Viewed Over 5 Billion Video Ads in June

Google Sites Rank as Top Online Video Content Property in June

New data from comScore’s Video Metrix service reveals that 178 million U.S. Internet users – 85.6% – watched online video content in June 2011, with an average of 16.8 hours per viewer. U.S. internet users engaged in an all-time high of over 6 billion viewing sessions during the month, and viewed over 5 billion online video ads over that time period. Read →

European Women Spend More Time On Social Networks Than Men

Young European Women Spend More Time Than Men on Social Networks

An April 2011 study by comScore reveals that European women spend more time on social networks than men do – a finding that remains consistent across all age groups. Young European women ages 15-24 spend the most time on social networks, logging 8.4 hours per month. Read →

Social Networking via Mobile Grows 46% Year-Over-Year

Social Networking Via Mobile Grows 47 Percent

Mobile phones are still on the rise in the US, and mobile users are steadily consuming more and more media content. Social networking showed the greatest increase (46%) year-over-year among all mobile content categories, according to recent data from comScore. As of March 2011, nearly 64 million users are accessing social networks via mobile. Read →

Facebook Attracts 75% of U.S. Social Networking Visitors

facebook logo full

Recent data from comScore shows that social networks received over 200 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2011, and ~151 million of these visitors (three out of four) used Facebook. Read →

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