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Israelis and Russians Spend Twice as Much Time on Social Networks as US Users

In what countries are people spending the most time on social networks?  Recently published data by comScore ranks the countries with the highest amount of hours each visitor spent on social networking sites during April 2011.

Israel ranks highest with nearly 11 hours per month, and Russia comes in close behind with over 10 hours of social networking per visitor in April 2011.  The U.S. is #13 on the list, with the average visitor spending only half as much time on social networks as those in Israel or Russia.

Mobile Use of Social Media Rises 80% in UK

A comScore report reveals that social media usage via mobile has experienced rapid growth in the UK within the past year.

In March 2011, 7.9 million mobile users accessed social media almost every day (a rise of 80% from last years 4.4 million).  14.7 million mobile users accessed social media at least once a month, up from 10.1 million last year.

The Most Popular Social Network in Holland Is … Not (Yet) Facebook

comScore has released a study of social networking usage in the Netherlands based on the comScore Media Metrix service. The study reveals that the Dutch social networking market continues to grow strongly as sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin extend their respective footprints in the market.  In fact, Holland has the highest penetration of users on Twitter and LinkedIn worldwide:  more than one in four Dutch Internet users visits these sites during the course of the month.

But the #1 social network in the Netherlands is Hyves, which continues to hold the top position among social networking sites in the market with more than 7.6 million visitors in March. But Facebook is quickly gaining ground, surging 76% in the past year to nearly 6.6 million visitors.  Twitter.com and Linkedin.com rank third and fourth, respectively, with more than 3 million visitors and each and growing approximately 70% in the past year.  The stats exclude visits from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

As far as the penetration of Twitter, 26.8% of Dutch Internet users visited the site in March, beating other countries where the site is extremely popular, including Japan (26.6%), Brazil (23.7%) and Indonesia (22%).

For more statistics on social networking in the Netherlands, visit comScore.

93% of Internet Users in Philippines Use Facebook.com

On March 23, 2011 comScore released the ‘Top Ten Global Markets By Facebook % Reach.”  The Philippines ranks at #1 with nearly 93% of the online population visiting Facebook.com during the month of February.  Israel and Turkey follow closely behind, both with nearly 90% of their online populations using Facebook.com.

According to SocialBakers.com, the Facebook user demographic in the Philippines is fairly evenly split (52% female, 48% male) and 44% of users are ages 18-24.  Two-thirds of Facebook users in the Philippines are age 34 and under.

Twitter.com Among the 50 Highest-Ranked U.S. Web Properties

comScore recently released a rank of the top 50 U.S. web properties for February 2011 and Twitter.com just made the cut, squeezing in at #49 in the ranking.  Other newcomers to the list include Expedia Inc (#43) and The Washington Post (#48).

Yahoo! Sites ranked as the #1 property in February with 177.5 million visitors, followed by Google Sites with 175.2 million and Microsoft Sites with 168.8 million.

See Marketing Profs for a breakdown of the Top 50 Ad Focus Ranking and the Top-10 Gaining Site Categories.

Online Consumers: 31% Use Social Media to Seek Friend Referrals for Brands/Products

A new study by GroupM Search and comScore analyzes how consumers use search engines and social media before making purchasing decisions.

  • 58% of respondents first turned to search engines to find products, while only 18% went to social media first
  • During the purchase process, 48% of shoppers used a combination of search and social media
  • 4 in 10 consumers who tried search first were then motivated to use social media to help make their purchasing decision
  • 46% of those who used social media first also used search to find products

While the two are often used in combination, search and social play two fairly different roles in the purchasing process. Continue reading

Facebook Now #1 U.S. Publisher of Online Display Ads With 23% Share

comScore, Inc. today released an overview of the U.S. online display advertising market for Q3 2010, which showed strong gains following softness for much of 2009. Nearly 1.3 trillion display ads were delivered to U.S. Internet users during the third quarter, a 22% increase versus year ago.

Social networking site Facebook.com led all online publishers in Q3 2010 with 297 billion display ad* impressions, representing 23.1% market share. Facebook’s market share has increased 13.9 percentage points from 9.2% in Q3 2009. Continue reading

U.S. Internet Users Spent 41.1 Billion Minutes on Facebook In August

New data from comScore shows that, for the first time, U.S. internet users spent more time on Facebook this August–a total of 41.1 billion minutes–than on any other major site.   Google was second with 39.8 billion minutes and Yahoo fell to third, with 37.7 billion.

In terms of traffic, Yahoo edged out Google in August to become the top site, with 179 million unique visitors. Google had 178.8 million, followed by Microsoft with 165.3 million.  Facebook remained the fourth-ranked site, at 148 million, up from 145.5 million in July. Continue reading