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Social Media Fuels Krispy Kreme Launch in India

Social media was a driving force behind Krispy Kreme’s launch in India this past Saturday.  The doughnut chain worked to drive up likes on Facebook, handing out free boxes of doughnuts at malls and schools and announcing special deals on the social platform.

Krispy Kreme India Facebook specialThe Krispy Kreme India Facebook page grew from 3,000 to over 21,000 likes from December through the store opening on January 19th.  In addition to frequent postings, the brand used special deals to lure customers in, offering a free one-month supply of doughnuts for the 4th-100th customers.  The Facebook page also posted a coupon offering an additional free dozen for the 100th-200th customers to buy a dozen doughnuts on opening day.

According to Nilofer D’Souza at Forbes India, the brand overcame low awareness through doughnut giveaways at malls, and new Facebook followers began to watch where the brand would appear next, “driving across the city for their free doughnuts” and spreading the word among friends.

Krispy Kreme also targeted a younger audience, giving away free doughnuts at popular schools in Bangalore – and hoping kids would pass their excitement about the product to parents.  Forbes reported that one 12-year-old boy convinced his parents to get to the store opening at 5am, in hopes of winning a year’s free supply of doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme India Facebook pageThe results of all this buzz, generated through giveaways and social media?   In addition to the impressive rise in Facebook likes, excitement led many customers to sleep outside the store before opening day, or to wait in line for an hour or more. Forbes reported that people were lining up outside the store at 8pm in anticipation of the doors opening for the first time the following morning.

Now – will Krispy Kreme’s Facebook savvy keep customers coming in, after the initial buzz dies down and the freebies are over?

Facebook Contest: Renault Mexico Lures Younger Consumers With Social Media

Renault Mexico Campaign Uses Facebook Contest, Social MediaRenault Mexico recently ran a digital campaign – for the debut of the brand’s new model, the Stepway 2012 – targeting younger consumers in Mexico City who were interested in buying their first car. The initiative centered around a contest located on the brand’s Facebook page, and resulted in an impressive amount of unique visitors to branded content online, and a significant number of qualified leads.

The digital media campaign was aimed at consumers ages 25-40 – college graduates, most likely avid internet users – and designed to boost awareness of the new Renault model, to generate leads, and lure consumers into the dealership for a test drive.

Consumers in Mexico are reluctant to give up personal information online and very “security-conscious,” as reported by eMarketer.  A big challenge for the campaign was convincing consumers to provide enough contact information that the dealership would be able to follow up with them, and invite them for a test drive.

The brand used a rich media banner campaign to draw consumers to the Facebook contest.  Placed on car-related sites in Mexico with heavy traffic – including YouTube, Yahoo! Autos, Terra Autos, and MSN’s homepage and auto section – the interactive banner featured a DJ’s turntable, and allowed users to scratch the record on their own if they provided their email address.  The banner was supported by a short TV ad and some print ads.

Once users submitted their email address through the interactive banner ad, they were emailed an invitation to the Renault contest website. The contest – posted on the brand’s Facebook page – was composed of four activities revolving around the car: a Stepway trivia quiz, a parking challenge, a create-your-own-postcard of where you could travel with the Stepway, and a compose-a-jingle race.  In addition to these fun challenges, the contest boasted some pretty sweet prizes: 1st place won a Stepway, 2nd place received a Macbook Pro, and the third place winner received an iPad.

To participate in the contest, users had to provide their name, age, postal code, email and telephone number – this information then went to the dealership nearest them, and led to an offer of a test drive.  The contest winner was then determined by who finished first and with the highest combined score, with scores being based on the number of “likes” a person accrued.  Players could win extra points by using the dealer contact form to request a test drive.

The results of the campaign – during August and September 2011 – were impressive. There were 500,000 unique visits to Renault’s Stepway site and the brand’s Facebook page, and 1,800 qualified leads who provided detailed personal information and took a test drive. The campaign cost $10 per lead, and led to an 8% sales conversion rate following the campaign.

Wendy Delgado, Renault’s digital marketing manager in Mexico, told eMarketer that the campaign “taught us that we can measure everything, and that social media is very important.” Based on these results, Renault increased Delgado’s budget a whopping 60% for 2012.

Social Media Scavenger Hunt Is a Home Run for Louisville Slugger

A social media scavenger hunt helps Louisville slugger hit a home run

Swinging for the fences, a recent one-day promotion boosted Louisville Slugger’s Facebook likes by 143%, its Twitter followers by 161% and its Facebook “talking about this” number by 834%.

The sporting goods company, which makes the official bat of Major League Baseball  and is a brand of the Hillerich & Bradsby Co., has had a Facebook and Twitter presence for three years. But both were somewhat stagnant and the company searched for a tool to bring them back to life.

As reported by ClickZ,  in late October Louisville Slugger decided, with the help of the imc2 agency, to run a scavenger hunt in St. Louis after the Cardinals won the World Series. The plan called for having a Louisville Slugger team drive around St. Louis and hide 45 World Series commemorative bats at different locations, posting clues about their whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter.

The result? Near bedlam in a town famous for its baseball fanatics. The brand’s mobile team couldn’t approach a few of its planned destinations because so many fans had figured out the clues and were milling around the spot. But with the realtime nature of Facebook and Twitter, the team could pick a new location and tweet or post the change.

The Louisville Slugger team wrote 66 posts, averaging 23 “likes” and 20 comments per message. For the week prior to the event, its “talking about this” metric (which  includes the number of likes, user comments involving the brand, RVSPs, “@mentions” of a brand, Facebook Places check-ins, and photo-tags) for its Facebook page was 755 and jumped to 7,049 during the following week.

Excited by the success, Louisville Slugger tweeted out a new contest.  Last Saturday (December 10th), it hid 10 bats in the  Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area.

[tweet https://twitter.com/sluggernation/status/145528834647789569]

American Express Rewards Online Shoppers, Facebook Friends

‘Tis the season of online shopping, and American Express is encouraging cardholders to do their shopping online by giving away $20 million in “surprise” gifts.  The program – called the Gift Chain – gives cardmembers a surprise reward each time they spend at least $25 at a participating online retailer, and many of these unexpected gifts can be shared with up to three Facebook friends.

 American Express' Gift Chain Rewards Online Shoppers, Facebook Friends

How does the Gift Chain work?

  • cardmembers register at https://giftchain.amexnetwork.com/
  • the promotion runs between November 28th and December 21st
  • cardmembers make a qualifying purchase ($25 or more at select retailers including American Eagle, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dell, Neiman Marcus, Nike, Toys“R”Us, Pottery Barn, Walmart.com and Zappos)
  • post-purchase, cardmembers receive an email describing how to redeem their surprise holiday gift, which could include rewards like $2 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, Godiva chocolate, or $5 statement credits, ranging all the way up to $500 American Express Gift Cards
  • some recipients will be given 3 additional gifts they can share with Facebook friends (these friends do not have to be Amex cardholders or be registered with the promotion)
  • each cardholder is eligible for up to 10 gifts, while supplies last
  • cardholders can also mail in their information to be eligible for a gift without making a purchase

MediaPost quotes Kathleen King, VP/strategic merchant marketing at American Express: “The idea was to deliver value to both our cardmembers and merchants, especially since we know how important online shopping is going to be this holiday season.” She also mentioned that the ability to share gifts with friends “adds a nice gaming element” to the campaign.

The Gift Chain is being promoted through online media, internal channels, card member statements and emails, and Facebook. According to King, “We’re trying to deliver more value where people are already connecting.”

On the day after launch, nearly 38,000 cardholders have already registered to become part of the Gift Chain.  As buzz continues to build and gifts are shared with Facebook friends, numbers should rise quickly.  One bummer: to register, participants must already be AmEx cardholders (no signing up for a credit card now to participate in the promotion).

Facebook Promotion: Smirnoff Fans Can ‘Strike A Pose’ For Madonna

Smirnoff Facebook Promotion With MadonnaSmirnoff just launched a new Facebook campaign, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, which will also help Madonna pick a dancer for her next tour.  Facebook fans of the vodka brand can share their nightlife experiences via the social networking site, and the promotion will culminate in 50 parties – taking place simultaneously –  on November 12, when “50 countries will exchange the best of their nightlife.”

One of these parties will be attended by the queen of “Vogue” herself, and dancers will compete in front of Madonna for the chance to win a spot on her upcoming tour.  Dancers from around the world can submit 60-second videos of themselves on Smirnoff.com from August 17 through October 10.

Madonna Joins Smirnoff's Facebook PromotionThis will be Madonna’s first album since 2008, and it’s her first big foray into social media promotion.  She has just under 6 million fans on the social network, but has no official presence on other forms of social media, as reported by Mashable.  Her Facebook page says “Madonna is on a quest to discover her next dancer.  Could it be you?” and encourages users to “like this page to get involved.”