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Twitter Claims 145 Million Users; 62% Growth in Mobile Use

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has published a post on the company’s blog in which he discusses advances the company has made in improving ease of use for the service.

He cites the release of official Twitter apps for the iPhone (via the Tweetie acquisition), Blackberry and Android as contributing to the company’s 62% growth in mobile use, adding that 16% of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now, as opposed to the 5% before the launch of the first Twitter-branded mobile client.   Continue reading

The Future of Site Registration and Lead Generation Programs

Cartoon of Woman with TelescopeGoogle Friend Connect, Facebook Connect and MySpaceID all offer ways for publishers to incorporate third-party logins and networking features on their site.  The downside, of course, is that publishers lose some control over all of the data that they get when visitors register with them directly.  But the upside for users – and for sites that figure out how to incorporate these features – are so high that publishers need to pay attention and start experimenting with these systems today. Continue reading

Facebook Connect: The Social Graph Becomes More Social

Facebook Connect ButtonThis was the week that saw the official launch of Facebook Connect and Google’s Friend Connect.  To get caught up, read the Economist’s story about Facebook Connect, or get the Wall Street Journal’s take (subscription required).

A lot of the buzz around these new services focus on their ability to connect your friends to products, services or entertainment outside the wall of the network in which you are connected; and for marketers to promote their products to other people in your entire Continue reading