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Weather Channel Promotes #TornadoWeek With ‘Twitter Stunt’

The Weather Channel's Tweet-powered TornadoThe Weather Channel is premiering the ‘Twitter stunt’ as a marketing tool in a fun campaign to promote #TornadoWeek.  This week, the Weather Channel’s interns are working at desks that have been placed in a “Twitter-powered tornado.”  The more tweets that are sent with #TornadoWeek, the higher the office tornado’s wind speed will rise.

If Twitter mentions make it up to 1 million, the interns will be working in wind speeds equivalent to an EF-5 tornado (a minimum of 200 mph winds).  The action is streaming live on YouTube and on the Weather Channel, so tweeters can see the effect of their efforts.  They can also interact directly with the interns by tweeting @TornadoWeek.

Currently, the #TornadoWeek tweets are at 37,664, and the effective wind speed is 131 mph in the office.  And if you’re worried about the interns, Mashable reports that they’re subjected to “effective wind speed, not actual wind speed; it is a representation of how it feels in the room.”


56% Of Newlyweds Have Social Media Wedding Rules

Social Media for WeddingsIn celebration of National Proposal Day (March 20th), we’re taking a closer look at how newly engaged and married women are using social media to share the details of their wedding.  The annual “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey from David’s Bridal looks at social media use before, during and after the wedding – and even examines the possibility of live streaming weddings (via Skype or social media) for those who can’t attend.

Here’s how brides-to-be are using social media:

  • 59% of brides say online resources like Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are the best places to find wedding inspiration
  • 68% of brides ‘share’ their dress fittings, posting videos to social media sites and texting pics to family
  • according to the study, Pinterest “has quickly become the ultimate tools for brides-to-be”

On the day of the event, social media again plays a big role – but also comes with certain ‘rules’:

  • 56% of newlywed women think it’s important to have social media rules at the wedding
  • 61% forbid their bridesmaids from uploading pics of the bride donning her dress before the ceremony
  • 52% say the bride and groom must be the first to post a picture of their wedding to a social media site

Live streaming weddings is also becoming more popular. Last month, popular wedding site TheKnot.com did a “live-streamed, crowd sourced wedding”; and in early April, Brides magazine will help a California couple live stream their wedding on Facebook.  Many couples are interested in a live streaming option: nearly half (49%) of all respondents say they would consider “skype-ing” their wedding.

Post-event, more brides are quick to update their Facebook status: 59% of brides (up 11% from 2011) will change their status to “married” or update their new name within a day of getting married.

Do you have any plans to ‘attend’ a  live streamed wedding? Have you been to a wedding with “social media rules”?

How Honest Tea Used Live Streaming To Engage Customers (And Test Their Honesty)

Honest Tea embraced a realtime, interactive broadcast platform for its latest marketing campaign.  In what VentureBeat calls “a marketing stunt disguised as test of citizens’ honesty,” the organic beverage company set out unmanned displays of cold tea bottles in various cities, with hidden webcams to show whether customers paid for their tea on live-streaming video.

The pop-up tea stores were placed in prominent locations in 12 major cities throughout the US on July 19th, and customers could purchase tea on the honor system, one dollar per bottle.  Hidden cameras and live interactive broadcasting via Ustream allowed viewers to check the honesty of each passer-by that engaged with the campaign.  (Signs were posted explaining the legal rights to live broadcast/record the event, but the cameras were hidden).

Aimed at “young, tech-savvy professionals” who use social media, the streaming video was an important part of this marketing campaign, according to Honest Tea VP of Marketing Peter Kaye.  He told VentureBeat, “The live streaming certainly helped.  We will have doubled our number of ‘likes’ [on Facebook] to over 60,000 in one day.”  The Honest Tea Facebook page now has 69,688 fans. Social media allows customers to engage in conversation about the campaign before it started, during, and after.

Why is live streaming becoming an increasingly popular platform for advertisements?

  • high cost-per-thousand (CPM) ad rates (think the Super Bowl, American Idol, etc)
  • high levels of engagement it can command, via what Ustream CEO John Ham calls “simultaneous reach”
  • live video allows customers to see a new aspect of the campaign, in this case observing others’ choices in realtime

Honest Tea evaluated honesty on a city-by-city basis, with Chicago leading – 99% of visitors paid for their tea – while New York came in last – only 86% paid for their tea.  The stand on Wall Street, NYC was more honest (89%) than in Los Angeles (73%).  No pop-up store in your city? Online users were also polled, 99% of whom said they would pay for their tea.

The bottom line from VP of Marketing Kaye: “It is real time, and a good way to showcase what we have going on. It is very worthwhile and a very good investment.”  When asked whether the company would live stream again, he responded “I think definitely,” although he didn’t rule out the possibility of using other live stream platforms, including Livestream.com, Justin.tv and Stickam.com.

Watch a video summarizing the campaign here:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/L8mbxsWKCAQ” frameborder=”0″ /]

Happy 6th Birthday, YouTube! 3 Billion Views Daily and Counting….

YouTube is now 6 years old, and has some impressive stats to celebrate with.  The site now handles 3 billion views every day, a far cry from the 2.5 videos per month that were viewed on the site back in December of 2005, as reported by All Things Digital.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Global daily views are up 50% in the last year
  • US internet audience viewed 5.1 billion videos in April 2011 (clearly, YouTube’s popularity extends around the globe)
  • Over 48 hours of video are uploaded to the site every single minute (a 100% increase year over year, and a 37% increase in the last 6 months)
  • YouTube ranked as the top online video content property in the U.S. in April, with 142.7 million unique viewers

According to TechCrunch, YouTube names three reasons for this growth: an increase in live streaming events, longer upload times and faster upload processing times.