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British Airways #LookUp Ad Follows Flights in Realtime

British Airways ad follows flights in realtime

What’s the best realtime advertisement you’ve seen lately? Our favorite for today is the #lookup ad from British Airways, appearing at Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick Towers in London. Read →

Virgin Atlantic Seeks #RedHotReporter for NFL International Series


Virgin Atlantic, sponsor of the annual NFL International Series Game in London, is once again searching for a new #RedHotReporter – a young media personality with a passion for football and the social media chops to tweet about the journey and the game, from the @Virgin_Atlantic account. Read →

London’s Regent Street Launches Social Media Hub 24/7

Regent St pic from tweet

London shopping area Regent Street recently launched 24/7, a “social media hub” that allows consumers to find the latest news and engage – in realtime, on multiple social media platforms – with the shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in the area. Read →

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