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Facebook Marketing: Toyota Crowdsources Philanthropy

Toyota is under fire for its #CamryEffect Twitter Spam campaign

This summer Toyota is running a Facebook marketing campaign – “100 Cars For Good” – and giving fans the chance to vote on which charities receive a new car. Designed to get consumers to engage with Toyota through social media, the initiative runs for 100 consecutive days, ending August 16th. Read →

Facebook Marketing: Newsfeed Impressions Matter More Than the Number of Fans

Starbucks logo

A recently released study – a collaboration by comScore and Facebook – suggests that the reach and frequency of brand impressions on Facebook may be more important that the number of Facebook fans. The study looks at unpaid impressions for three major brands – Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Bing – to see the impact of brand exposure, and how brand impressions reach friends of fans. Read →

GMC and Buick ‘Build Your Own’ Car Feature Adds Facebook Integration

GMC logo

Many car manufacturers offer potential consumers the ability to build or customize a vehicle on their website. GMC and Buick are taking this a step further and incorporating social media into the process, allowing consumers to share their virtual vehicle with Facebook friends, and see the response via comments and ‘likes.’ Read →

37% Trust What Friends/Family Say About Brands On Social Media

Mobile Social Media Informs Purchase Decisions

A recent study by Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications surveyed teen and adult social media users about their reaction to brands and product recommendations on social media. Overall, 37% of respondents trust what friends and family say about a brand or product on social media, while only 10% trust what a stranger says. Half of mobile web users are interacting with social media at some point during the shopping process, 25% of them to check reviews for brands and products. Read →

How Honest Tea Used Live Streaming To Engage Customers (And Test Their Honesty)

Honest Tea Uses Live Streaming Video for Marketing Campaign

Honest Tea has embraced a realtime, interactive broadcast platform for its latest marketing campaign. In what VentureBeat calls “a marketing stunt disguised as test of citizens’ honesty,” the organic beverage company set out unmanned displays of cold tea bottles in various cities, with hidden webcams to show whether customers paid for their tea on live-streaming video. Read →

72% of Brand Marketers ‘Currently Using Mobile’ Plan To Increase Mobile Ad Spending

72 Percent of Brand Marketers Plan to Increase Mobile Ad Spending via IAB

A new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau confirms that mobile advertising platforms are being adopted rapidly by marketers. The most striking data: 72% (nearly three-quarters) of survey respondents are looking to increase their mobile advertising budget over the next two years, and 35% expect to increase mobile ad spending by over 50 percent in that same timeframe. Read →

Colgate Launches ‘Smile’ Campaign via Facebook

Colgate logo

On June 28th, Colgate launched a new campaign in Britain encouraging fans to take pictures of themselves smiling, post them to Facebook, and potentially have their photo displayed on digital billboards in the UK. The toothpaste brand aims to collect 1 million ‘smile’ pictures by summer’s end, and will donate £100,000 to Barnardo’s (a UK children’s charity) if that goal is reached. Read →

How Twitter Turned an Unfinished Book into a Best Seller Literally Overnight

John Green cover

John Green is a best-selling author of young adult fiction with plenty of fans: 1.1 million Twitter followers, 61,714 Facebook friends, and 525,676 YouTube subscribers. And those fans went crazy when he used a YouTube video to announce the title of his next book and then promised in a tweet to autograph every single copy ordered in advance of publication.

So what if it’s not scheduled to come out until next May? That certainly didn’t deter his fans and followers, who within hours made “The Fault in Our Stars” the No. 1 book on both and Barnes & Noble. (A week later it’s only fallen to No. 12 on Amazon). Read →

Online Coupons Will Reach 88 Million Americans This Year


New stats from eMarketer estimate that by the end of 2011, 88.2 million Americans (nearly half the population) will have used an online coupon in the past year. This number is projected to rise to 96.8 million adults by 2013. The data clearly indicates that “digital coupon usage is now firmly a part of the online shopping experience of millions of US consumers.” Read →

How Converse Got 16 Million Facebook Fans By Doing “Nothing Special”

Converse avatar

When it comes to athletic shoes, Converse has run away with the title as the biggest sneaker brand on Facebook. Converse Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Cottrill says his advice to his company was to “do nothing special” when he first learned of its huge Facebook fan base. His directive was for his team to listen more than it talks on the social media site and to absolutely not bring its ad campaigns from other channels there. Read →

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