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Most Popular Newspapers on Twitter: Guess Who’s #1?

Top 3 US Newspapers on Twitter

Which US newspaper do you think is tops on Twitter? A new study by Searchmetrics reveals the leaders, ranked by the number of tweets per week that were generated by the content on each newspaper’s web site. Read →

Top Magazines on Google+ Have Larger Fan Base But Less Engagement Than On Facebook


The Digital IQ Index®: Magazines report released in June by think tank L2 is a study that ranks magazine brands in 11 categories according to their “competence” in adapting to “the increasingly digital landscape.” L2 recently posted details that zero in on the largest magazine communities on Google Plus. Even though many of the brands’ Google Plus communities are larger than their Facebook communities, they’re getting less engagement from Google Plus communities. It appears that this may be simply that the brands are not reaching out as much. Read →

AOL Uses Social Media Analytics To Drive Support For TOMS #WithoutShoes Campaign

AOL uses social media analytics to drive fan participation in a campaign

TOMS Shoes recently launched its annual “One Day Without Shoes” campaign – meant to show the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life – with a strong emphasis on social media by encouraging supporters to share their experiences with the #withoutshoes hashtag. AOL partnered with TOMS to help drum up online buzz before the event, and used social media analytics to rally consumers and as a way of sharing results. Read →

CNET Has Increased its Facebook and Twitter Audience 6x — by Focusing on the Basics

How CNET Increased Facebook, Twitter Fans 6X

One year ago, CNET hired Nathan Bransford as social media manager to revitalize the brand’s social media efforts. The result of his one-man endeavor? A 6X increase in audience on Twitter and Facebook. CNET increased its Facebook likes from 69,000 to 428,000 (up 520%), while its Twitter followers grew from 24,000 to 105,000 (a 338% gain). Here’s how he did it. Read →

Realtime Networked Audiences: Context + Topic + Timing

SocialFlow - full graph small

The shift from a broadcast to a networked means of communications is completely changing the dynamics of publishing. Rather than establishing and controlling discrete publishing channels to broadcast to different audiences, content distributors need to learn to engage different audience types within a single “digital space.” In the context of realtime social networks, the only way to ensure your content is reaching and engaging the right audience is to understand the conversation that your target audience is having. Read →

Facebook Posts Receive 50% of ‘Likes’ Within First Hour and 20 Minutes


A new study released by social analytics firm Visibli reveals that a Facebook post goes ‘stale’ after about 1 hour and 2o minutes. While this may seem short, it’s at least better than Twitter, where “95% of re-tweets happen in an hour” as reported by AdAge. Visibli looked at the behavior of 200 million Facebook users — approximately one-third of Facebook’s total membership. By tracking the number of “likes” and “comments” that each post received over time, Visibli determined the ‘resiliency’ of each post. Read →

How To Engage Your Facebook Fans: NPR’s 1.4 Million Strong

NPR logo

Over 1.4 million fans comment and share stories on NPR‘s Facebook page, and Nieman Journalism Lab reports that this is one of the most popular media outlets on Facebook. The referral traffic on NPR’s Facebook page has grown from 1.5 million in August 2010 to 4.5 million pageviews a month. While that traffic used to […] Read →

Bravo's Twitter Followers Get Special Showcase

Bravo recently launched @BravoTV, a browser-based dashboard offering fans who use Twitter an enhanced environment for discussing the channel’s shows. It was created in collaboration with Twitter executives, who provided insight and feedback. As described by, visitors to @BravoTV can join topics of conversation by clicking on an assortment of colored talk-bubble icons surrounding a […] Read →

TWTRCON SF 2010: The Case Studies

Hippo Avatar

TWTRCON SF 2010 will be a one-day total immersion in the case studies, the practical skills and the tools that companies need to stay at the cutting edge of the real-time web.  We’ve added a lot of beefy content for the November 18 event (download a PDF of the full agenda here), but the heart […] Read →

77% of NPR Twitter Followers Get Most Or All Of Their News Online

NPR News

NPR has released the results of a survey of its Twitter followers, which also incorporates the results of its earlier survey of NPR fans on Facebook.  The NPR Twitter survey was fielded between August 25 and September 9, 2010, promoting it through its main Twitter accounts. A total of 12,227 respondents began the survey and 10,244 […] Read →

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