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Social Networking Stats: 8% of Online Adults Use Twitter Daily, #RLTM Scoreboard

8% of Online Adults Use Twitter Daily

15% of online adults in the U.S. use Twitter, according to new data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. And as of February 2012, 8% of American online adults were accessing Twitter daily. Read more about Twitter usage and demographics, and check out this week’s #RLTM Scoreboard. Read →

Moms: 75% More Likely to Trust Info From Brands on Social Sites

Moms: 75% More Likely to Trust Info From Brands on Social Sites

Sure, everyone has heard of the “mommy blogger” phenomenon by now. But how are these moms engaging with social media and mobile on a daily basis? Three-quarters of U.S. moms are on Facebook, and moms make up more than one-third of Pinterest’s monthly audience. And moms are not only social – they’re also on-the-go: more than half of American moms are using social media via mobile device, according to new data from Nielsen. Read →

78 Million Americans Access Facebook Via Mobile

78 Million Americans Access Facebook Via Mobile

Out of those Americans who use both Facebook mobile and traditional, the greater share of their time is now being spent on Facebook’s mobile site and apps (441 minutes per month) vs. time spent on the traditional website (391 minutes per month), according to a new report from comScore. Read →

Location-Based Services: The #1 Most-Wanted Mobile Feature. Here’s Why. (Research)

Small Business Marketing Lags Behind With Integrating Mobile

People want to be found. Among the key findings from this year’s just-released TNS annual Mobile Life study, which explores mobile use among 48,000 people in 58 countries: the majority of people around the world now recognize the value of sharing their location to benefit from a range of services. Access to location-based services is the mobile feature projected to grow the most on a global basis: 62% of those who don’t yet use the location-based services want them. Read →

Latin America Mobile Penetration Rate to Reach 130% in 2015

Latin America Mobile Penetration to reach 130%

What? How can a penetration rate be greater than 100%? It turns out that, when it comes to mobile, a high penetration of subscribers does not necessarily translate into a high penetration of users. Which means that, in Latin America, where subscriber penetration is currently already at 109%, there’s plenty of room for even more growth. Read →

Twitter Promoted Tweets Coming to iPhone and Android Mobile Apps

twitter logo

Twitter has announced that it will be adding in-stream Promoted Tweets to its Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android mobile apps–an important step given that more than half of active Twitter users access the platform via their mobile device. To date, iPhone and Android mobile users have been exposed to Twitter’s Promoted Products only via the search function–search for a topic and a Promoted Tweet is likely to appear at the top of the search results. With the most recent app updates, however, Twitter now is including the ability to see Promoted Tweets as part of the user’s stream. Read →

Twitter in Africa Study: 57% of All Tweets Are Sent via Mobile; More Demographics and Usage Stats

Africa Mobile

A recent study measured tweets throughout the African continent to create the first comprehensive report on Twitter use in the region. Reviewing more than 11.5 million location-tagged tweets and conducting a survey of the region’s 500 most active Twitter users, “How Africa Tweets” revealed that South Africa has the most prolific tweeting on the continent, with more than 5 million tweets posted in the last quarter of 2011. Read →

Daily Deals API Lets You Mix Up Custom Offers. In Realtime.

Mobile shoppers: Hispanics, African Americans are adopting m-shopping technologies faster than Caucasions

If you can get the right offer in front of the right prospect at the right time–when they’ve expressed an interest–you’re delivering real value to that prospect and they are much more likely to become a customer. So when I saw an announcement last month that two companies had partnered to create Daily Deals promotions that were based on realtime Twitter conversations, I was intrigued. Imagine if I post a tweet saying “I’m looking for a restaurant,” and I immediately receive an offer for a 50% coupon at a local Italian place? Now that’s realtime marketing. Read →

US Mobile Internet Use to Increase 25%, Smartphone Use Nearly 50% in 2011

Global Internet Trends and Mobile Use via Mary Meeker

Just under half of the total US population will be using the internet via mobile by 2015, according to the latest estimates by eMarketer. This year 97.3 million Americans (31%) will access the internet via their mobile phone at least once per month in 2011, an increase of nearly 25% from last year. By 2015, this number is expected to reach over 156 million. Read →

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