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Groupon Doubles Subcribers in 2011, But Only 20% Have Made Purchases

Groupon Subcribers More Than Double in 2011

Groupon is getting tons of new subscribers, but how many of them are actually buying the daily deals? Out of Groupon’s 115 million subscribers, only 23 million (or approximately 20%) have ever made a purchase. Read →

Online Coupons Will Reach 88 Million Americans This Year


New stats from eMarketer estimate that by the end of 2011, 88.2 million Americans (nearly half the population) will have used an online coupon in the past year. This number is projected to rise to 96.8 million adults by 2013. The data clearly indicates that “digital coupon usage is now firmly a part of the online shopping experience of millions of US consumers.” Read →

67% of U.S. Consumers Have Downloaded Online Coupons logo

According to a new report by Morpace Omnibus, online coupons have become commonplace in the U.S. 94% of consumers are aware that they can download and print coupons from sites online, and more than two-thirds of consumers (67%) have actually done so. Read →

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