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TWTRCON Feedback: Tell Us How We Can Blow Your Socks Off in 2011!

As we take some time to review what we’ve accomplished this year and make plans for 2011, we realized that we hadn’t yet shared the feedback we got from attendees at our most recent event, TWTRCON SF 10.

Whether you were there in person or not, please read through this post and then help us with your comments and ideas for what you’d like to see at TWTRCON in the coming year!

Here’s what we learned from the ratings and comments we received in our onsite and online surveys: Continue reading

Go Standby Program Update

If we did not accept your Go Standby application, or if you just found out about TWTRCON or our Go Standby program, you can still participate.  Read on for details.

Yesterday we notified about 20 people that they had qualified to attend TWTRCON through our Go Standby program.  This is the fourth TWTRCON event for which we’ve had this program, which is designed for people who want to attend TWTRCON but may not have access to a traditional corporate training/travel budget. Continue reading

5 Bottom-Line Reasons (+ 1 Bonus) to Register for TWTRCON SF 2010 Today

TWTRCON SF 09 photo courtesy of Brian Solis

It’s less than 4 weeks to TWTRCON SF 2010–which means it’s time for you to get signed up & make your travel plans!  If you need to get approval from your department head to spend time and money on participating in conferences, or need to decide how to invest your time, here are five bottom-line (+1 bonus) reasons to ad TWTRCON SF 2010 to your calendar: Continue reading