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Starbucks Introduces ‘Tweet-a-Coffee’ E-Gift Card

Starbuck's 'Tweet a Coffee' program

Are you an eGifter? Last week, Starbucks made it possible for customers to gift coffee with a simple tweet. With the “tweet-a-coffee” program, now in beta, customers in the U.S. can sync their Starbucks account to Twitter and tweet a coffee to a friend on Twitter. Read →

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Foursquare For Your Business

Foursquare business profile

Social media and the tech world in general are experiential in nature — meaning that the more you use them, the better your understanding. In a world where it seems that anyone born after 1993 has hard-wired WordPress proficiency and sixteen year old “digital natives” have 150,000 Instagram followers, this presents an issue for some business owners who could benefit most from a strong social media presence. Here are some ways that a business owner can improve their presence on Foursquare and other social media. Read →

How Can Small Businesses Best Use Hashtags?

Hashtags for Small Business 150

Hashtags are challenging for marketers due to their seemingly random and spur-of-the moment nature, short lifespan and difficulty to control, and small businesses in particular face challenges when it comes to hashtags. How are SMBs to compete with big business when it comes to leveraging tags? Where’s the money? Are hashtags more trouble than they’re worth? It’s important to step carefully, but hashtags have certainly their place for small businesses looking to create a buzz. Read →

70% of Active Users Are Connected to a Local Business on Facebook

Local Business are seeing more than 13 million comments a week on Facebook.

Social media has leveled the playing field for marketers at businesses of all size to connect directly with customers. And small, local businesses are seeing the benefits. According to Dan Levy, Director of Small Business at Facebook, there are now more than 2 billion connections between local businesses and people on the platform. The scale of the network that local businesses have built is astounding. Read →

Wendy’s Hashtag Campaign: Tweet #twEATfor1K To Win $1,000

Wendys Mobile, Social Campaign for new product launch

To promote its new Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwich, Wendy’s is engaging consumers with an interactive mobile and social campaign, as well as advertising on Twitter. Customers tweet a photo of the new sandwich to @Wendys with #twEATfor1K and become eligible to win $1,000, with a new drawing each day. Read →

Denny’s Uses Mobile, QR Codes To Reach ‘The Hobbit’ Fans

Denny's QR Code Campaign

Denny’s latest campaign uses QR codes to provide fans with exclusive content from Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming film “The Hobbit.” Before the film’s official release on December 14, Denny’s is promoting new “Hobbit-themed” menu items and enabling mobile users to access exclusive video, online games and other content via QR codes on placemat menus. The brand is targeting a younger demographic with this mobile, social media oriented experience. Read →

Follow @MellowMushroom Pizza on Twitter, And They’ll Follow You Back — In Real Life

Mellow Mushroom logo

Check out this hilarious (and weird) social media campaign from Mellow Mushroom Pizza. “Follow us and we’ll follow you” is the tagline, supported by several videos of ridiculous mushroom-outfitted mascots ‘following’ around random people who have followed the brand on Twitter. Read →

P.F. Chang’s Twitter Advertising Results: 70% Engage Via Mobile Devices

P.F. Chang's Twitter Mobile Ad Campaign small

Restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s spent $25,000 to advertise a Lunar New Year promotion this winter, and the results from mobile Twitter users were “staggering.” The brand displayed sponsored tweets promoting dining rewards to Twitter users searching for terms such as “Chinese New Year,” on their mobile phones or their personal computers. In the first four days of the campaign, approximately 1 million people clicked through or engaged with the posts via retweet or reply; of those, roughly 70% did so from mobile devices. Read →

Wendy’s Uses Stealth Twitter Campaign To Introduce New Burger

Wendys Launches Stealth Twitter Campaign for New Product

New Yorkers walking down 6th Avenue or riding the 6 subway line may have been baffled at first by recent mysterious ads for @GirlBehindSix, which described it as a “140-character game show.” But that simple promotion, plus a one-day Promoted Trend on Twitter, generated 33,000 followers for @GirlBehindSix, which was a front for the promotion of a new burger at the Wendy’s fast-food restaurant chain. Read →

Social Media ROI: Ads Provide a Big Return for KFC

Social Media Ads Pay Off for KFC

KFC, the fried chicken restaurant franchise founded by Colonel Sanders, has fully embraced social media activity. And it’s paying big dividends. A study by Ogilvy found that consumers who were exposed exclusively to social media ads for KFC were seven times more likely to spend more than the average consumer. Read →

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