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Tweet, Pay, Love: The Modern-Day Social Media Pop-up

Social Media Pop Up Barber Shop

From fashion to food, an increasing number of businesses are exchanging goods and services for tweets and Instagram posts in the form of modern day Social Media pop-up shops. Pop-up shops have become a regular and vital part of high streets around the world—but the latest trend is the exchange of free goods and services in return for tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts: the “Social Media” pop-up. Read →

American Apparel: “We’ve made as much as $50K in one flash sale on Twitter”

American Apparel Twitter

Twitter has proven itself to be a valuable marketing tool for edgy clothing brand American Apparel. In an interview recently posted on the Twitter blog, American Apparel’s Director of Marketing Ryan Holiday discusses a single flash sale on Twitter that earned $50,000 for the clothing brand.

Why does Twitter work so well for American Apparel? Read →

Apple Debuts iBeacon Location Technology in U.S. Stores

Apple iBeacon Technology Now In U.S. Stores

How can a retailer effectively reach consumers in-store and educate them about deals that might be of particular interest? Apple’s iBeacon technology is looking to accomplish both, and after a successful run with the MLB’s ‘At the Ballpark’ mobile app at Citifield, Apple has now installed the location technology into its own retail stores. Read →

One-Third of Consumers Are Visiting Top Digital Retail Sites Via Mobile Exclusively

Mobile-only email access on the rise [study]

New research from comScore’s Data Mine reveals that while the majority of the digital consumers use both desktop and mobile devices, around one-third of consumers are visiting the top digital retail brands exclusively via mobile as of September 2013. And those visiting sites via mobile are “behaving very differently” depending on which retailer they are engaging with. Read →

Mobile Shopping and Showrooming: How Does It Impact Retailers? [Study]

Mobile-only email access on the rise [study]

Are you part of the “showrooming” phenomenon? Showrooming – now a common term among retailers – refers to consumers who find a product in a store, but then purchase it online (whether in-store via a mobile device, or back at home). A new study from Columbia Business School and Aimia examines the behavior of shoppers showrooming with their mobile device in store aisles. Read →

Father’s Day Twitter Campaigns: Bacon, Fish, Knives and Grills

bacon, yummy

This past week, several brands who take care to maintain their man-friendly images took to Twitter with some engaging campaigns relating to meat, its grilling, its hunting (and the clothes needed for the hunting), and of course the clothes in which to stylishly perform the meat hunting. Read →

Target Teams With Facebook, Launches Digital Deals App ‘Cartwheel’

Cartwheel logo

Target just teamed with Facebook to launch Cartwheel, a new digital savings program. Beginning on Wednesday, Target is offering 700 new deals “with a social twist” — every time a user claims a deal, an automatic post is generated in their Newsfeed on Facebook. Consumers can find and share deals with friends on the social network, as well as redeem offers in store. Read →

70% of Active Users Are Connected to a Local Business on Facebook

Local Business are seeing more than 13 million comments a week on Facebook.

Social media has leveled the playing field for marketers at businesses of all size to connect directly with customers. And small, local businesses are seeing the benefits. According to Dan Levy, Director of Small Business at Facebook, there are now more than 2 billion connections between local businesses and people on the platform. The scale of the network that local businesses have built is astounding. Read →

London’s Regent Street Launches Social Media Hub 24/7

Regent St pic from tweet

London shopping area Regent Street recently launched 24/7, a “social media hub” that allows consumers to find the latest news and engage – in realtime, on multiple social media platforms – with the shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in the area. Read →

SmartWool Mobile Campaign Sees 1,313% Rise in Daily Likes

SmartWool Share The Joy Mobile Campaign

Outdoor clothing retailer SmartWool recently found success in mobile and social marketing by allowing fans to tell their stories as part of a holiday campaign. For the second year in a row, SmartWool ran their ‘Share the Joy’ campaign: fans pick Facebook friends that might appreciate SmartWool gifts, and if those friends are chosen, the original fan receives a SmartWool gift as well. The 2012 holiday campaign saw not only an impressive jump in entries, but also a huge increase in mobile and desktop daily likes. Read →

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