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The Sims Social on Facebook: 4.6 Million Players Daily and Counting

Less than a week after launch, The Sims Social already has 4.6 million people playing daily, and is the fastest-growing social game.

The Sims Social is Fastest Growing Social Game on FacebookThe impressive growth statistics for the newest kid on the social gaming block:

  • The Sims Social is the #6 game on Facebook
  • It is the #10 app on Facebook overall
  • The Sims Social is on track to have more players than CityVille (currently the #1 social game on Facebook, with 14 million players) by some point in September

According to Mashable, previous versions of The Sims sold more than 140 million copies.  In the new version, the other ‘Sims’ in your virtual life are actually your Facebook friends, and you have to approve changes in your relationship status (ex friend becomes enemy, or more than a friend…) This also means that players can no longer kill off their own creations (bummer).

The Facebook friend interactions are not in realtime, but players can watch previous interactions by video.

The Sims Social also incorporates in-game advertising, most likely with several brands, but has launched with just Dunkin’ Donuts as part of gameplay (see our previous post here).  For example, players can give their Facebook friends a “Dunkin’ Donuts coffee boost.”

Will The Sims Social continue its rapid growth and challenge CityVille as the most popular social game on Facebook?  And will its new model of incorporating major brands/products into gameplay be successful or lead to user backlash?

MINI France Launches Social Advergame via Facebook and Google Maps

Check out “Mini Maps” –  an advergame using social networking and Google Maps – just created by Mini France.  A Facebook app that allows you to customise a virtual MINI, and then challenge your Facebook friends to time trials around the world using a Google Maps ‘mash-up.’

The game lets you either create your own tracks (before inviting friends into the race) or join random challenges from around the world as you find them, and then race your friends over satellite images of the locations you choose.

Digital Buzz Blog believes that the MINI Maps campaign will ‘grab some serious traction’ due to the live social element of the game.

Or, if you were an addict to Project Gotham or other car-racing games in a past life (like me), it sounds like a pretty cool way to reconnect with your friends, in realtime.

Are social games the ads of the future?