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Social Media Customer Service: Brands Respond More On Twitter

Consumers Expect Brands To Respond on Social Media

A new report by social customer service software provider Conversocial looks at how social channels are being used to connect with customers, and particularly the rapid growth of customer service on social media. Read →

Customer Service on Twitter: Top Brands Respond To Only 14% Of Tweets

Brands Failing At Customer Service on Twitter

Nearly all (95%) of top brands are active on Twitter, and 23% of top brands have Twitter handles dedicated to customer service, according to a Simply Measured study. But how effectively are brands responding to the tweeted requests, concerns and complaints of individual consumers? A new study by CRM analyst Ashley Verrill revealed that many of these tweets go unanswered — over the course of 4 weeks, brands responded to only 14% of the tweets sent. Read →

40% of UK Consumers Say Social Media Improves Customer Service

“Is social media fundamentally redefining the relationship between consumers and brands?” Out of the 36% of UK customers who have used social media to communicate with brands, the majority – 65% – prefer social media to call centers. Read →

KLM Launches 24Hr Social Media Customer Service With Live Replies Via YouTube, Twitter

KLM Innovative Social Media Campaign: Live Replies to Tweets

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ latest endeavour, meant to promote the launch of a new “24-hour service to social media,” involves posting videos on YouTube of live replies to tweets sent to @KLM. This innovative campaign was announced via Twitter on September 19, and ran from 12 noon until late in the evening. Any tweets sent to @KLM might receive a ‘KLM Live Reply’ – KLM employees lined up holding letters to become a ‘living alphabet’ 140-character response. Read →

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