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#ActionTags Let Consumers Buy Products Directly From TV Ads Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Chirpify launches #actiontags for TV ads

Starting March 4th, consumers can instantly purchase products that they see on TV through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Chirpify’s new #actiontags for TV could be a game-changer for brands, making it possible to create conversions and purchase opportunities directly from TV ads. Read →

The Big Events Law of Social Media: The More People Post, The Shorter The Message

Social media ranks at bottom for website customer satisfaction

We’re now in an age where large public events lead to a huge increase in social media activity; Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that ‘broke’ Twitter with the most retweets ever is just the latest example. What do most messages and posts look like during these moments, as people turn to social media to have an instant, widespread conversation about what’s happening in realtime? A new study by MIT sheds some light: Read →

Doing Just Vine: How Vine Changed the Social Landscape

Vine: marketing for SMBs

Approaching the one-year anniversary of its launch, Vine has proven to be the little app that could. The microvideo platform has done plenty to change the face of social as we know it, and managed to teach marketers and businesses alike what it means to make a mark on such a volatile market. Read →

SlideShare Presentations From #RLTM Realtime Marketing Lab

Missed #RLTM Realtime Marketing Lab earlier this week? Or were you so busy tweeting that you didn’t get a good look at the slides from our case studies? Either way, here’s a comprehensive list of slide decks from each of our presenters – just click on the title to see the full presentation. Read →

Chasing the Now: Small Businesses and the Social Network

Small Business Marketing

Small businesses represent a group that has traditionally struggled when it comes to the social network. Why bother? Is it worth it? The fact remains that the modern user, whether aware or not, is constantly looking for “the next big thing.” They want a story or image to pull them in and they’re constantly clicking around, ready to take it in; it’s up to us as business owners to produce or provide it to them. Read →

Mobile Marketing Tips for Companies on Facebook

Facebook Ranked #1 Among Mobile Apps

Millions of people interact with business pages on Facebook every day, and more than half of them are accessing these pages via a mobile device. Are you taking advantage of this trend – or are you missing out on this opportunity to fully connect with your target audience? Whether you have a mobile marketing strategy in place or have just started to create one, here are four simple mobile marketing tips for companies on Facebook. Read →

Chirpify’s New #ActionTags: Using Hashtags To #Buy, #Donate, #Subscribe or #Vote

Logo of Chirpify

We recently covered Chirpify, a medium for creating online transactions through different social media networks. Chirpify makes it easy to buy items with a simple comment or reply on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; now, new changes make the app even more versatile. Read →

Buy, Sell, or Pay Using Social Media Comments with Chirpify

Logo of Chirpify

When it comes to e-commerce transactions, it’s usually a multiple-step process. First, the buyer has to pull out their credit card. Second, they have to go through several pages confirming multiple options. Sometimes there’s a few more steps tossed into the mix. Social e-commerce platform Chirpify lets users buy or sell directly on social media with a single comment reply. Read →

Small Business Marketing: How SMBs Can Leverage Vine and Instagram Video

Video Marketing for Small Businesses: The Microvideo

Mastering the social media landscape has never been easy for small businesses, especially as this landscape shifts so quickly. With the recent rise of Twitter’s Vine and Instagram video, there’s a whole new component to small business marketing: the microvideo. Learn why your brand should embrace video marketing in this new, compact format — and how to get started. Read →

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Effective Lead Generation

guest post by Lee W. Frederiksen

Let’s face it: plenty of firms waste plenty of time on Facebook and Twitter. Like any tool, social media is only effective when it’s used correctly, but it’s a new enough tool that the ink isn’t dry on the instruction manual. Hinge conducted a study of 500 professional services firms in the U.S., taking a close look at the social media techniques of high growth and average growth companies. Again and again, these five social media marketing tips proved pivotal: Read →

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