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WhatsApp Hits New Milestone, Then Crashes

WhatsApp Reaches Milestone, Then Crashes

Late yesterday WhatsApp tweeted that the messaging service has hit a new daily record: users sent 20 billion messages and received 44 billion messages in just one day. That’s some pretty impressive volume for WhatsApp, which was recently acquired by Facebook back in February. Read →

Social Networking Stats: 8 in 10 U.K. Twitter Users Log In Via Mobile, #RLTM Scoreboard

twitter logo

A recent study from Nielsen and Twitter reveals that the U.K. has the greatest percentage of respondents using mobile as the primary way to access Twitter, out of several European countries surveyed. Eight in ten Twitter users in the U.K. currently access the social platform via mobile device; 70% log on ‘primarily’ via mobile. Read →

Social Networking Stats: 52% of SMBs Use Facebook for Ads/Promotions, #RLTM Scoreboard

Social media ranks at bottom for website customer satisfaction

A recent study by BIA/Kelsey looks at what small businesses are doing on social media to engage millennials. Here are a few of the highlights, and the most up-to-date social media stats for this week: Read →

Social Networking Stats: Foursquare Sees Major Revenue Growth, #RLTM Scoreboard

Foursquare app logo

Foursquare is rapidly approaching its fifth birthday, and CEO Dennis Crowley is optimistic about the app’s future. He announced on CNBC that the platform’s revenues grew 600% in 2013. Find out more on Foursquare, and the latest social networking stats: Read →

The Big Events Law of Social Media: The More People Post, The Shorter The Message

Social media ranks at bottom for website customer satisfaction

We’re now in an age where large public events lead to a huge increase in social media activity; Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that ‘broke’ Twitter with the most retweets ever is just the latest example. What do most messages and posts look like during these moments, as people turn to social media to have an instant, widespread conversation about what’s happening in realtime? A new study by MIT sheds some light: Read →

Social Networking Stats: 73% of College Students Would Open A Branded Snapchat, #RLTM Scoreboard

Snapchat stats: college student survey

Snapchat caters largely to a younger demographic; new research from Sumpto reveals that over 77% of college students are using Snapchat at least once every single day. What does that mean for brands – and for Snapchat’s ability to monetize in the future? Read →

Social Networking Stats: Twitter Engagement Drops, #RLTM Scoreboard

Twitter growth slows in Q4 2013

Twitter’s fourth quarter numbers are in — and they’re not too impressive in terms of growth. The company has added only ~9 million users since the fall quarter (for a total of 241 million). And engagement numbers have dropped: Read →

Super Bowl XLVIII: The Social Media Scoreboard

Seattle Seahawks

Wondering what drove the most social chatter during the Super Bowl? The game itself certainly wasn’t suspenseful, but social media was still full of commentary about the commercials, half-time show and more. A new study offers interesting data about game-day social buzz, analyzing the 39.5 million social posts on February 2nd. Here are the highlights: Read →

Doing Just Vine: How Vine Changed the Social Landscape

Vine: marketing for SMBs

Approaching the one-year anniversary of its launch, Vine has proven to be the little app that could. The microvideo platform has done plenty to change the face of social as we know it, and managed to teach marketers and businesses alike what it means to make a mark on such a volatile market. Read →

Kuwait Has Most Twitter Users Per Capita

Mobile accounts for 65% of Twitter's revenue

Kuwait has the most Twitter users per capita, according to a recent paper by analysts from Northeastern University. The Netherlands ranks #2, while the UK and US fall behind in 4th and 5th place, respectively. Read →

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