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Social Networking Stats: Tumblr Draws Youngest Users Among Top 10 Social Platforms, #RLTM Scoreboard

Tumblr boasts youngest user base among top social networks

Among the top 10 global social platforms, Tumblr has the greatest share of younger users, with 47% of active users in the 16-24 year-old demographic. Guess which social network has the oldest user base? Read →

Social Networking Stats: Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

Social media ranks at bottom for website customer satisfaction

Which social networks do you think are seeing the most growth? New data from GlobalWebIndex looks at active usage for several platforms, showing a decline for some of the largest platforms, but also huge gains for Instagram and Tumblr. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Moms on Facebook, #RLTM Scoreboard

Facebook global ad spend increases

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the Facebook Data Science team took a look at some basic stats for moms on Facebook. Check out those numbers, and also the latest social networking statistics across all major platforms. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Mobile Accounts for 43% of LinkedIn’s Traffic, #RLTM Scoreboard

Mobile accounts for 43% of LinkedIn's traffic

LinkedIn recently projected that mobile would account for half of the social networking platform’s traffic; based on the company’s 1st quarter results, that could be a reality soon. Mobile represented 43% of LinkedIn’s traffic in Q1 2014, according to the results announced yesterday. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Teens Prefer Instagram Over Facebook, #RLTM Scoreboard

Instagram ranks 1st among social networks for teens

Instagram is on the rise as the favorite social network for teens, but this increased popularity is coming at Facebook and Twitter’s expense, according to new data from Piper Jaffray. This was the first time in the survey’s history that Instagram outranked Facebook and Twitter as the most important social network for this demographic. Read →

Which Social Networks Drive the Most Engaged Referrals?

YouTube drives the most engaged referral traffic

YouTube is the “undisputed champion” among social networks in terms of driving referrals, delivering the most traffic and the highest levels of engagement, according to a new study from Shareaholic. The analysis of average visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate reveals which of the top eight social media platforms are driving the best referral traffic. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Complaints Total One-Fifth of Brand Interactions on Facebook, Twitter

Twitter's Q1 2014 results

In Converseon’s recent analysis of direct user interactions with leading brands on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, “exactly one-fifth of user interaction on both Facebook and Twitter was negative.” Find more brand sentiment analysis here, and the latest social networking numbers with the #RLTM Scoreboard. Read →

Social Networking Stats: 80% of World Leaders on Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

Instagram is fastest growing social network worldwide

Twitter is becoming a powerful political tool, and in the last two years, world leaders have begun to take note. Eighty percent of world leaders used Twitter in 2013, according to a study from the Digital Policy Council. Here are the top 10: Read →

Social Networking Stats: Facebook Is Top Mobile App, #RLTM Scoreboard

Facebook Ranked #1 Among Mobile Apps

Which app do you use most frequently on your mobile phone? A new survey from research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals that Facebook dominates mobile apps; it’s currently used four times more frequently than runner-up Twitter. Read →

Thanksgiving Social Media Stats, #RLTM Scoreboard

Thanksgiving mentions on social media: an infographic from Viralheat

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and for our international readers, we hope you weren’t bombarded with Instagram pics of turkey and pies from your American friends). Here’s a few social media stats from Viralheat about the holiday; check them out before you dive into the leftovers. Read →

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