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Chasing the Now: Small Businesses and the Social Network

Small Business Marketing

Small businesses represent a group that has traditionally struggled when it comes to the social network. Why bother? Is it worth it? The fact remains that the modern user, whether aware or not, is constantly looking for “the next big thing.” They want a story or image to pull them in and they’re constantly clicking around, ready to take it in; it’s up to us as business owners to produce or provide it to them. Read →

CoWorks: Connecting Buyers and Freelancers Through Social Media

Coworks - freelancer recommendations via social media

There are 42.6 million people working as freelancers in the United States — how do they connect with good clients, and how do potential clients find freelance workers they can trust? New platform Coworks looks to answer both questions by using social networks to link freelancers with businesses and buyers. Read →

The 2012 Political Conventions on Social Media: 13.5M Tweets Strong

2012's Political Conventions Draw 13.5 Million Tweets

The Republican National Convention saw sharply dropping numbers in TV viewership – but online and social network viewership are up. Tweets from both conventions numbered 13.5 million, up from just 365,000 four years ago. Is the political conversation migrating from traditional media to the internet? Read →

90% Of Small Businesses Are Networking Online

Small Businesses and Online Networking: 90% Use It, But 58% 'Struggle To Find Value'

Nearly 90% of small businesses are spending time networking online, according to a new study by small business forum Manta. Out of 600 small business owners nationwide, 74% believe social networking platforms are as important as in-person networking. Read →

82% of US Moms Are On Social Networks

82% of US Moms Are On Social Networks

Nearly 28 million moms will use social networks this year in the US – that’s 82% of mom internet users who have children under 18 in the household, according to the latest estimates by eMarketer. By 2014, nearly 85% of mom internet users will be on social networks. Moms are also 45% more likely to use social media than the general population. Read →

China: Microblog Users Increase 296% in 2011

China: Micro-blogging More Popular Than Social Networking

Data recently released from The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) – a state-supported research organization – revealed that the number of microblog users topped the number of social network users in China in December 2011. Read →

Marketing to Moms? Mobile Is Now Required.

Moms and mobile use - apps, social networking, and more

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are a huge resource for moms – 53% of actually purchased a smartphone “as a result” of becoming a mom. An interview by eMarketer with Mike Fogarty of BabyCenter (an online resource for parents) reveals how moms are using their phones in comparison to regular users, and when they are most likely to be reached by marketers. Read →

Moms on Social Networks: 87% Use Facebook

US Moms Are Big Facebook, Social Network Users

New data from eMarketer examines the statistics for US moms – women with children under 18 in the household – on Facebook and other social networks for the next three years. Over two-thirds of all US moms – approximately 23 million – are on Facebook in 2011. Read →

USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad-Meter Gets Social With Facebook

Super Bowl XLVI Will Have A Social Media Command Center

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event of the year, and Facebook and USA Today have partnered to create an application that allows fans to rate commercials during the event. Called the “USA Today-Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter,” the app will be online through Facebook and USA Today, and available via mobile, for users to watch, rate, and share ads during the Super Bowl. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Asia Pacific Has Highest Visitation, Europe Shows Greatest Engagement

Social Networking Visitation and Engagement Worldwide

A recent report from comScore measured social networking visitation and engagement around the world, by region. Asia Pacific saw the largest percent of worldwide visitors to social networking sites – 32.5% – and Europe had the highest engagement, responsible for 38% of all social networking minutes. Read →

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