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77% Of Company Mentions On Social Media Are Neutral


Contrary to popular belief, most company mentions on social networks are linked not to a positive or negative message, but a neutral one. Analyzing more than 1 billion global company mentions, realtime monitoring app mention found that 77% of company mentions were in fact neutral. Read →

Health And Fitness Apps See 62% Increase In Usage In Last Six Months

Health and Fitness apps see 62% increase over the past six months.

Usage of health and fitness apps has grown exponentially since 2013. Looking at data from over 6,800 iPhone and iPad apps listed under the health and fitness category, Flurry Analytics reports a 62% increase in the usage of health and fitness apps over the past 6 months, while the overall mobile app industry has only seen a […] Read →

Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks


The average millennial checks their smartphone about 45 times a day, and is 56% more likely to find brand content on social networks than on search engines or other online news feeds, according to a recent study. Check out the study highlights on millennials and content discovery, and the latest social networking stats on the #RLTM Scoreboard. Read →

Survey: 60% of Physicians Believe Social Media “Improves the Care They Deliver”

Survey: How Doctors Use Social Media

Many physicians are making use of social media – as a way to manage new information, discuss the latest journal articles or research, and to help provide quality care. A recent study by the Journal of Medical Research discovered that a whopping 85% of oncologists and primary care physicians use social media (at least once a week or once a day) to read or explore health information, and the majority of those surveyed (60%) said that social media “improves the care they deliver.” Read →

Business Use of Social Media: 96% Advertising, 86% PR, 75% Customer Service

A new report from Buddy Media and Booz & Company shows that 95% of companies are planning to invest more in social media, and breaks down how companies are planning to direct those investments. Based on input from more than 100 leading companies, the report looks at the social media platforms being used, which company departments are handling and using social media the most, and measures the projected spend on social media. Read →

Social Network Stats of the Week: Google+ Surges, #RLTM Scoreboard

Google Plus Grows Nearly 1300%

This week saw a huge gain in numbers and traffic for Google+, as the social network finally opened up to the public. Read more about Google+, and check out our latest social networking scoreboard. Read →

Social Gaming: Malibu Rum Launches Facebook App

Malibu Rum Launches Social Game on Facebook

Malibu has just launched what it claims is the “first social media game for a spirits brand.” The Facebook application is called “Beach Club” and it challenges fans to earn points while running a virtual resort. The goal? To help boost sales during winter (traditionally Malibu’s slow season) and to promote the new Malibu Black product, which debuted last spring. Read →

Only 12% of US Smartphone Owners Are Checking In

Checking In Is Least Popular Smartphone Activity

A new study from the Pew Research Center measures the popularity of social activities among mobile phone and smartphone users, and finds that checking in – through geosocial services such as Foursquare and Gowalla – is the least popular. Read →

Power to the People: 52% of Consumers Believe They Can Use Social Media to Influence Brands

Consumers Use Social Media to Influence Brands

Performance marketing agency Performics recently released a report about the interactions between consumers and brands on social networks, and found that 52% of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that voicing opinions on social networking sites can influence business decisions of companies/brands. Read →

Facebook Marketing: Toyota Crowdsources Philanthropy

Toyota is under fire for its #CamryEffect Twitter Spam campaign

This summer Toyota is running a Facebook marketing campaign – “100 Cars For Good” – and giving fans the chance to vote on which charities receive a new car. Designed to get consumers to engage with Toyota through social media, the initiative runs for 100 consecutive days, ending August 16th. Read →

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