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Social Media News Ticker: Instagram Signs Ad Deal, Twitter Bans Porn on Vine

Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit:


Facebook Updates Paper App

Facebook updates Paper app for iPhone



reddit to donate one-tenth of ad revenue to charity


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KLM Now Displays Social Media Customer Service Response Time

In other realtime airline news, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today announced that it would begin displaying its social media team’s live response time in the header of its Twitter account and on the customer support page at KLM.com. It will also be visible on KLM’s global Facebook page shortly.

KLM Social Media response time

KLM offers customer service 24/7 in ten languages on Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte. This airline says it will also soon offer customer service on Google+ and Sina Weibo. KLM’s social media team handles about 30,000 messages each week.

In a blog post, the company’s SVP E-Commerce Martijn van der Zee was quoted as saying “we believe in the transparency of social media. Customers want to know what to expect from us. We now offer them real-time insight into our response time.”

The company announced the new policy in a tweet this morning, which has received overwhelmingly positive response.


Do you think more companies should be posting their social media response times?

CSR and Social Media: How to Do the Right Thing #RLTM NY Panel [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 8 of our summary of the June 6 #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference, based on the best tweets sent by attendees during the event. These tweets capture ideas from the panel titled “CSR and Social Media: The Business Case for Taking a Stand,” with Fenton Senior Vice President Susan McPherson, Yahoo! Director, Business & Human Rights Program Ebele Okobi-Harris, and moderated by Other Than That Founder Cathy Brooks.  Special thanks also to Hardee’s Public Relations and Social Media Manager Jenna Petroff, a member of the #RLTM NY audience who agreed to join the panel for an impromptu discussion of her company’s response during the Joplin tornados.

Hardee's Jenna Petroff, Moderator Cathy Brooks, Yahoo!'s Ebele Okobi-Harris and Fenton's Susan McPherson talk CSR and Social Media at #RLTM NY on June 6, 2011.

@nwjerseyliz: #RLTM CSR & Social Media with @CathyBrooks, Ebele Okobi-Harris (@YahooBHRP) and Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1)

@AmyVernon: You’ve created a platform, not necessarily for human rights, but how do you operate your biz respectful of their rights? @YahooBHRP #rltm

@AmyVernon: Every country censors the Internet – @YahooBHRP – countries around the world are becoming more & more int in controlling the internet #rltm

@AmyVernon: How do you balance international human rights concerns with local law & what customers want? @YahooBHRP #rltm

@AmyVernon: See a fundamental shift toward companies trying to do the right thing – @susanmcp1 #rltm

@AmyVernon: In large part, that’s because of the transparency necessary today – everyone sees/shares what you do. @susanmcp1 #rltm

@AmyVernon: Support things in line with your mission – i.e., 7-11 using Big Gulp to support Diabetes Fndtn – what were they thinking? @CathyBrooks #rltmHow


@TheRealCherylM: Step 1 in CSR – make sure your social initiative aligns logically with your brand. #RLTM @susanmcp1

@AmyVernon: What happens when real-time news happens – businesses need to be nimble – @CathyBrooks #rltm

@AnneWeiskopf: Great SHOES alert on stage!!  #RLTM

@AmyVernon: Carl’s Jr. parent company had a lot of stores in tornado-ravaged states. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Headquarters is in St. Louis, 2 hours away from Joplin, one of the hardest-hit. Employees missing/affected as well. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Best message ever sent out was that all employees were OK and accounted for after tornadoes. #rltm

@cdn: Social Media & #CSR – ensure alignment of your brand, social initiative, and communications! Thanks @CathyBrooks @susanmcp1 et al #RLTM

@JennaPet: Just made an impromptu panel appearance at #RLTM