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Young & Rubicam Creates #AdvertisingIs Mosaic Live In Times Square

To mark its 90th anniversary with a social media splash, advertising agency Young & Rubicam is “orchestrating a big social media frenzy” on the big screen in Times Square. Live today (Thursday, May 23rd) from 2-3:30pm, the agency is asking people to tweet and offer their definition of what “#advertising is…” Read →

French Bank BNP Paribas Engages Fans With #TweetandShoot

BNP Paribas Twitter Campaign

Thought marketers were running out of creative ways to use Twitter? BNP Paribas, a French bank, came up with a new Twitter marketing concept — one that appeals to tennis fans in particular. The “Tweet and Shoot” campaign allows Twitter users to control robots that send tennis balls at tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on the court. Read →

Dunkin’ Donuts Runs #IceDD Contest on Twitter’s Vine

Dunkin' Donuts Vine Contest

Twitter’s short video app, Vine, is rapidly becoming popular with brands. Dunkin’ Donuts is the latest major brand to use Vine for a marketing campaign, encouraging fans to participate in the “Running on #IceDD” contest by posting their own six-second Vine videos. Read →

Wendy’s Hashtag Campaign: Tweet #twEATfor1K To Win $1,000

Wendys Mobile, Social Campaign for new product launch

To promote its new Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwich, Wendy’s is engaging consumers with an interactive mobile and social campaign, as well as advertising on Twitter. Customers tweet a photo of the new sandwich to @Wendys with #twEATfor1K and become eligible to win $1,000, with a new drawing each day. Read →

Sponsored Hashtag Lets American Idol Fans Tweet To Pick Show’s Theme

American Idol

For the first time ever, American Idol producers are allowing the public to choose the theme for one episode that will air this season. After Ryan Seacrest announced the news during the April 3rd show, the public began submitting suggestions by using #ATTIdolTheme on Twitter. Read →

Durex #1Share1Condom Campaign Helps Fight AIDS

Durex USA #1share1condom Campaign

In support of World AIDS Day, Durex created the #1share1condom Twitter hashtag campaign to help fight the spread of HIV. From November 26 through December 1st, Durex offered to donate one unused condom for every tweet with #1share1condom and for every share of the World AIDS Day image or video on Durex USA’s Facebook page. Read →

Follow @MellowMushroom Pizza on Twitter, And They’ll Follow You Back — In Real Life

Mellow Mushroom logo

Check out this hilarious (and weird) social media campaign from Mellow Mushroom Pizza. “Follow us and we’ll follow you” is the tagline, supported by several videos of ridiculous mushroom-outfitted mascots ‘following’ around random people who have followed the brand on Twitter. Read →

Caribou Coffee Launches #MyBou Twitter Campaign

Caribou Coffee Twitter Campaign

Caribou Coffee recently launched a new Twitter campaign, entitled You + Your Bou, to hear from customers about their lives and what they’re looking for from Caribou. Centered around the hashtag #MyBou, the aim of the campaign is both to better understand Caribou’s customers, and to engage them outside of the coffee shop. Read →

Twitter Campaign: Harley Davidson Fans Share Stories with #StereotypicalHarley

Harley-Davidson Twitter Hashtag Campaign: #StereotypicalHarley

Harley Davidson recently launched its “E Pluribus Unum” (“out of many, one”) social media campaign based on “having actual Harley riders show off their own chrome.” The campaign was conceived, developed and executed by Harley Davidson fans and centers around the Twitter hashtag #StereotypicalHarley. Read →

#40dollars: How The White House Used Twitter To Mobilize Public Support

White House #40dollars Campaign

When Congress became deadlocked over the extension of a payroll tax cut, The White House turned to social media to gain public support, asking followers “What does $40 mean to you?” The level of response was impressive, and a two-month extension was passed shortly after. How did the Twitter campaign work, and was it essential in achieving the final result? Read →

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