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Facebook and Twitter: Out With the Old, In With the New

Megan Totka

At the turn of the decade, Facebook and Twitter were the two giants in social media. For all intents and purposes, they still are. As both social giants look to roll out new ad platforms in the coming months, now is as good a time as any to reflect on what they’ve done to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Read →

Customers Complain On Twitter. Why Do 71% of Brands Ignore Them?

Customer Service Expected From Brands On Twitter

Gone are the days of sending off complaints via snail mail and waiting 6-8 weeks for a reply. Now, customers can shoot off a 140-character tweet and expect a reply within minutes. New research by Maritz shows that nearly half of those who tweet a complaint at a brand expected the company to read and respond to their tweet. Read →

KLM Launches 24Hr Social Media Customer Service With Live Replies Via YouTube, Twitter

KLM Innovative Social Media Campaign: Live Replies to Tweets

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ latest endeavour, meant to promote the launch of a new “24-hour service to social media,” involves posting videos on YouTube of live replies to tweets sent to @KLM. This innovative campaign was announced via Twitter on September 19, and ran from 12 noon until late in the evening. Any tweets sent to @KLM might receive a ‘KLM Live Reply’ – KLM employees lined up holding letters to become a ‘living alphabet’ 140-character response. Read →

Virgin America’s Social Media Strategy Takes Off

Virgin America Experiments With Social Media

There’s no question that Virgin America has embraced technology and social media. Referred to as a “snazzy airline” by Mashable, it has a plane named by hashtag (#nerdbird), was the first airline to offer free Wi-Fi fleetwide and outlets near every seat, and has run promotions using social media platforms as diverse as Twitter, Foursquare, Loopt, Groupon and Klout. Read →

Social Media ROI: Ads Provide a Big Return for KFC

Social Media Ads Pay Off for KFC

KFC, the fried chicken restaurant franchise founded by Colonel Sanders, has fully embraced social media activity. And it’s paying big dividends. A study by Ogilvy found that consumers who were exposed exclusively to social media ads for KFC were seven times more likely to spend more than the average consumer. Read →

Customer Feedback on Display: Was Domino’s Billboard A Success?

Social Media Experiment: Dominos Customer Feedback Billboard in Times Square

Domino’s Pizza recently experimented with soliciting and posting customer feedback in the most public of spaces: a giant billboard in Times Square, NYC. Check out the results of this transparent and bold digital marketing campaign. Read →

Ben & Jerry’s Twitter Promotion: ‘Short & Sweet’ Tweets Support Fair Trade

Ben and Jerry's Twitter Promotion For Fair Trade Month

Ben & Jerry’s latest endeavour aims to encourage fans to raise awareness about Fair Trade Month (this October) by keeping their tweets “short and sweet.” Fans can sign up to take part in Ben & Jerry’s initiative, and everytime they tweet, the unused characters will be donated to the ‘Fair Tweets’ cause. Read →

A Doughy Tale of Social Media ROI: Twitter + Humor Helps Naked Pizza Find Both Customers and Investors

Naked Pizza Uses Twitter to Gain Investors, Customers

For its light-hearted Tweets over the years, Naked Pizza has always been one of our favorite foodies to follow. The New Orleans-based chain known for its all-natural ingredients has achieved striking results from its social media strategy, including prompting around 8,000 investment inquiries. Read →

CNET Has Increased its Facebook and Twitter Audience 6x — by Focusing on the Basics

How CNET Increased Facebook, Twitter Fans 6X

One year ago, CNET hired Nathan Bransford as social media manager to revitalize the brand’s social media efforts. The result of his one-man endeavor? A 6X increase in audience on Twitter and Facebook. CNET increased its Facebook likes from 69,000 to 428,000 (up 520%), while its Twitter followers grew from 24,000 to 105,000 (a 338% gain). Here’s how he did it. Read →

Financial Services Firms Prefer Twitter Over Facebook

Twitter More Popular Than Facebook With Financial Services Firms

A new survey by market research firm Corporate Insight reveals that Twitter is ahead of Facebook in the financial services sector, and is “the most popular third-party network employed by financial services companies.” Ten months ago, Twitter was used by 57% of the 85 companies surveyed; as of two weeks ago, this number rose to just over two-thirds. Read →

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