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Which Airlines Are Most Responsive On Twitter?

Most Responsive Airlines on Twitter

Which airline brands are the most responsive on Twitter? New data from SocialBakers looks at the difference between the amount of answered and unanswered questions – on Twitter only – among major airlines. Read →

Facebook and Twitter: Out With the Old, In With the New

Megan Totka

At the turn of the decade, Facebook and Twitter were the two giants in social media. For all intents and purposes, they still are. As both social giants look to roll out new ad platforms in the coming months, now is as good a time as any to reflect on what they’ve done to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Read →

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Launches New Profile Design and Buys Android App Cover

Social Media News Ticker

Reddit puts trending Subreddits at the top of the front page, Facebook forces users to download Messenger app, Twitter tests web notifications, launches a profile redesign, and more: check out the latest social media news. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Teens Prefer Instagram Over Facebook, #RLTM Scoreboard

Instagram ranks 1st among social networks for teens

Instagram is on the rise as the favorite social network for teens, but this increased popularity is coming at Facebook and Twitter’s expense, according to new data from Piper Jaffray. This was the first time in the survey’s history that Instagram outranked Facebook and Twitter as the most important social network for this demographic. Read →

Which Social Networks Drive the Most Engaged Referrals?

YouTube drives the most engaged referral traffic

YouTube is the “undisputed champion” among social networks in terms of driving referrals, delivering the most traffic and the highest levels of engagement, according to a new study from Shareaholic. The analysis of average visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate reveals which of the top eight social media platforms are driving the best referral traffic. Read →

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Debuts New Ad Types, Vine Gets Direct Video Messaging

Social Media News Ticker

Vine introduces direct video messaging, YouTube invests in a new ad campaign, Google+ adds a page view count metric and Twitter introduces new ad types. Find all the latest social media news here: Read →

Social Networking Stats: Complaints Total One-Fifth of Brand Interactions on Facebook, Twitter

twitter logo

In Converseon’s recent analysis of direct user interactions with leading brands on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, “exactly one-fifth of user interaction on both Facebook and Twitter was negative.” Find more brand sentiment analysis here, and the latest social networking numbers with the #RLTM Scoreboard. Read →

Facebook Ranks #1 for Social Commerce, But Only #4 for Average Order Value

Do you trust Facebook with your personal info?

Just how much does social media impact e-commerce? And which social media platforms are driving the most sales? A new study by Shopify looks at top sources of social traffic and sales, as well as average order values and conversion rates. The (not so) big news: Facebook is on top, claiming an average of 85% of all orders on social media and nearly two-thirds of all visits to Shopify stores. Read →

Social Networking Stats: 25% of US Smartphone Users Will Use Instagram in 2014, #RLTM Scoreboard

Instagram ranks 1st among social networks for teens

Instagram use is now nearly as high as Twitter’s, according to new data from eMarketer, especially among millennials and Gen Xers. Read →

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Launches #FirstTweet, Facebook Paper Teams With TED

Social Media News Ticker

Twitter launches #FirstTweet to celebrate its 8th birthday and kills its music app, Facebook unveils Hack, Facebook Paper app now features TED-related content, and more of the latest news in social media. Read →

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