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Social Responsiveness: Norway Takes the Gold, U.S. Companies Are…Last

Companies in Norway respond to 87% of customer inquiries on social media

Companies in Norway respond to 87% of all customer questions posted to brand Facebook pages, taking the gold in the “socially devoted” rankings based on data collected by social media measurement firm Socialbakers. Guess who’s in last place? Read →

6% of US Web Traffic Comes From Non-Computer Devices

iPad Accounts for 89 Percent of Tablet Traffic

Recent data from comScore measured the sources of web traffic in 13 countries, with computers (not surprisingly) well in the lead – they account for at least 93% of web traffic among these countries. The U.S. had the most traffic coming from non-computer devices (including mobile phones, tablets, etc), and the non-computer device of choice varied significantly among the countries surveyed. Read →

Israelis and Russians Spend Twice as Much Time on Social Networks as US Users

Israelis and Russians Spend Most Time on Social Networks via comScore

In what countries are people spending the most time on social networks? Recently published data by comScore ranks the countries with the highest amount of hours each visitor spent on social networking sites during April 2011. Read →

Majority of Mobile Users Take Pics With Their Phone

Majority of Mobile Users Take Pics With Phone

The majority of mobile users snap pictures with their phone, according to recent data from comScore. See the breakdown across markets, with Spain in the lead. Read →

63% of 18-34 Year-Olds Willing to Use Mobile Phones For Purchasing

NFC payments on the rise

Do you ‘feel more naked without a phone than without a wallet?’ According to a recent survey by MasterCard, 65% of 18-34 year-olds do, vs. only 34% of those 35 and older. However, as NFC payments – already fairly mainstream in Japan – continue to gain popularity, cell phones and wallets may soon be synonymous. Read →

U.S. Mobile Barcode Use Grows 630% Year-Over-Year

Use of Mobile Barcodes Experiences Rapid Growth Worldwide

New data from 3GVision reveals that mobile barcode use worldwide is “on a path of exponential growth” with a 62% growth rate from Q4 2010 to Q1 2011. Barcode usage in the U.S. grew 182% from Q4 of 2010 to Q1 of 2011, and grew 630% year-over-year. Read →

Indonesia is Facebook’s 2nd Largest Market with 35 Million Users

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2nd Largest Facebook Market in World

The U.S. is easily in the lead with 152.2 million Facebook users, but Indonesia now comes in 2nd with 35.2 million users, and “more than half of the country’s online population participates on social networking sites” as reported by eMarketer. See the list of top ten countries by number of Facebook members. Read →

US Consumers Watching Mobile Video Increases 40% Year Over Year

Mobile Video Viewing is On the Rise

A recent Nielsen report indicates that the number of US consumers watching mobile video increased 40% year over year in Q3 and Q4 2010, bringing total US mobile video viewers to nearly 25 million by the end of 2010. eMarketer compiled data from the Nielsen report and a survey from QuickPlay Media to reveal more interesting mobile video stats. Read →

Facebook Will Reach 57% of U.S. Internet Users in 2011

US Facebook Users and Penetration

eMarketer reports current statistics and growth rate projections for Facebook and Twitter in the U.S. While 57% of US web users will use Facebook in 2011, Facebook’s ‘once-dramatic’ growth rates are over, and eMarketer predicts that Twitter’s growth rate will be significantly larger in the next few years. Read →

Brands be Warned: 94% of Users Age 12-17 Don’t Want To Be Your Friend on Facebook


A new report from Forrester Research analyzes the digital behavior of young consumers and their relationships with brands via social media. According to Forrester, “Almost half of 12- to 17-year-olds don’t think brands should have a presence using social tools at all.” The report provides stats on this demographic, what they’re expecting from companies on social media, and how brands can reach them more effectively via social channels. Read →

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