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Social Networking Stats: 8 in 10 U.K. Twitter Users Log In Via Mobile, #RLTM Scoreboard

Twitter's Q1 2014 results

A recent study from Nielsen and Twitter reveals that the U.K. has the greatest percentage of respondents using mobile as the primary way to access Twitter, out of several European countries surveyed. Eight in ten Twitter users in the U.K. currently access the social platform via mobile device; 70% log on ‘primarily’ via mobile. Read →

Pepsi Max #LiveForNow Campaign Brings User-Generated Vines to UK Billboards

Pepsi Max brings user-generated Vines to billboards in the UK

Pepsi Max UK’s #LiveForNow campaign encourages consumers to submit “unbelievable” Vines (six-second videos) for the chance to see their entry on huge billboards in seven British cities. Read →

UK Mobile Ad Spend Grows 126% in 2013

UK mobile ad spending - eMarketer research

The latest estimates from eMarketer show staggering growth in UK mobile advertising. Mobile ad spend for 2013 will total over £1 billion (around $1.89 billion) in the UK. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Over 40% of Americans Visit Facebook Daily, #RLTM Scoreboard

Facebook advertising

In a push to gain more advertiser dollars, Facebook announced on Tuesday that over 128 million people in the United States use the social networking platform every day, or more than 40% of Americans. In the UK, 24 million visit Facebook daily. Read →

Social Networking Stats: Half the UK Population Uses Social Networks, #RLTM Scoreboard

Half of UK Population is Using Social Networks

A new report from eMarketer estimates that half of the UK population will use social networks in 2013; this will climb to over 55% by 2017. While overall growth in user penetration is starting to slow, certain niche user groups and demographics still have room to grow by a significant margin. Read →

UK Social Networking Growth Is Highest Among Those 55+

Social Networking Growth Highest Among Ages 55+ in UK

Social networking is growing faster among older internet users in the UK, according to a new study from telecoms regulator Ofcom. While growth rates are lower among younger demographics (where social networking use is already widespread), internet users ages 55+ have shown strong growth in social network use. Read →

London’s Regent Street Launches Social Media Hub 24/7

Regent St pic from tweet

London shopping area Regent Street recently launched 24/7, a “social media hub” that allows consumers to find the latest news and engage – in realtime, on multiple social media platforms – with the shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in the area. Read →

40% of UK Consumers Say Social Media Improves Customer Service

“Is social media fundamentally redefining the relationship between consumers and brands?” Out of the 36% of UK customers who have used social media to communicate with brands, the majority – 65% – prefer social media to call centers. Read →

New UK Channel Dedicated to TV Shows With “Most Social Buzz”

New UK Channel Dedicated to TV Shows With "Most Social Buzz"

The UK’s Channel 4 is launching a new channel dedicated to the TV shows that generate the most social buzz on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites. Each program on 4seven (the new channel) will be introduced by viewer comments about the show (both postive and negative.) Read →

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