New at TWTRCON SF 2010, TWTRCON Workshops will provide an opportunity for experienced Twitter business practitioners to explore real-time applications, tools and platforms in-depth.   Each workshop will be 35 minutes long, and will feature practical, how-to tips and techniques.  We are planning a total of eight workshops, which will be held in smaller breakout rooms concurrent to the main session.  To see a complete conference schedule with all workshop times, download this PDF.

TWTRCON SF 2010 Workshops:

11:20 – 11:55 am

How to Build a Team Microblogging Strategy

Instructor: Victoria Harres, Director, Audience Development, PR Newswire | @prnewswire |@victoriaharres

Why Team Tweeting? The requirements of keeping your brand’s Twitter content fresh while dealing with customer service and sales leads can quickly become too much for one person with a day job. But how do you effectively share the responsibilities–while maintaining a strong personal voice? How do you establish guidelines to assure that the team communicates appropriately and on a schedule–while adding value to the conversation?

What You’ll Learn: This workshop will cover all the elements of building your team microblogging strategy. You’ll learn how to select the right people, assign responsibilities and coordinate roles. Find out how to create a content strategy and establish the right balance of marketing, messaging and engagement. We’ll also explore some tools of the trade.

Alone in the Nest: How to Manage Twitter as a Solopreneur

Instructor: Ginny Cooper, Principal of The Cooper Group | @ginnycooper

Why Learn to Manage Twitter? Because if you don’t, as a solo entrepreneur (or small business), it can manage you! Not everyone on Twitter is a big brand, influential personality, or generously funded non-profit with a huge market/global reach/big budget. Not every business can hire staff dedicated to building/maintaining relationships and reputations online in real-time. And quite frankly, most solopreneurs or small businesses engaged in brick and mortar operations or providing professional services that do not derive their income directly from Twitter and other social media cannot afford to waste time online.

What You’ll Learn: This is the first step that every entrepreneur/small business considering using Twitter should take!

  • How to decide if Twitter is right for you – GASP! (or I’m Only Here Because My PR Person Said I Had to Be!)
  • How to manage your reputation, generate leads, grow your business and contribute to the conversation (or What is a Bird in the Hand Really Worth?)
  • How to apply tried and true strategic planning methods to Twitter in order to maximize your investment of time and other resources (or Who Am I Following, Who’s Following Me and More Importantly – Why?)

12:05 – 12:40 pm

Join the Chat!  How To Use Twitter Chats to Build Influence and Crowdsource Innovation

Instructor: Angela Dunn, Idea Designer and Digital Consultant, Blogbrevity | @blogbrevity

Why Twitter Chats? Twitter Chats provide an incredible way to engage and organize a community on Twitter around a topic designated with a hashtag.  There are currently hundreds of organized Twitter Chats held weekly, monthly or even on a one-time basis.  For brands, they’re an opportunity to connect with customers, crowdsource innovation and build thought leadership.  For participants, they’re a great learning and networking opportunity.

What You’ll Learn: Learn how to start your own Twitter Chat or find chats in your industry.  This workshop will focus on best practices for organizing a Twitter Chat, moderating techniques, getting the most from participating, and Twitter Chat etiquette.

How to Monitor–and Measure–Real-Time Conversations and Campaigns

Instructor: Adam Zbar, CEO and Co-Founder, Tap11 | @zman47@tap11

Why Invest in Real-Time Analytics? With 190 million users tweeting over 65 million times per day, the conversations and information exchanged between users are growing richer by the second. As this information grows exponentially, the need for real-time social analytics tools that can “cut through the noise floor” to instantly focus on the most important conversations and people, and measure the ROI of social media campaigns, becomes of paramount importance.

What You’ll Learn: This workshop will explore the benefits of implementing real-time business intelligence and engagement tools to manage your Twitter accounts. Learn how to strengthen your real-time brand engagement by:

  • Listening to the most important conversations about your brand,
  • Measuring your share of voice vs. key competitors’,
  • Discovering and engaging key influencers, and
  • Measuring the results of your campaigns on a per tweet and overall basis.

2:25 – 3:00 pm

How to Apply Game-Based Marketing Dynamics to Twitter

Instructor: James Clark, Co-Founder, Room 214 | @jamesoclark | @Room_214

Why Game-Based Marketing? We are passing over the threshold into a realm of programs built on game-based marketing dynamics. This is important as many organizations are seeking ways to build a following, distribute relevant content and most importantly be entertaining in social media. Understanding the basis of game-based marketing dynamics (leader boards, unlocking levels) leveraged through Twitter is one of only a few strategic approaches that works to simultaneously achieve all goals.

What You’ll Learn: We’ll cover the basics of game-based marketing dynamics because (1) you should be aware of them and (2) often times its the smallest spark that ignites the biggest fires.  From there we’ll provide the steps to set up and run game-based marketing campaigns in Twitter, in addition to exposing limitations so you won’t be sweating the details in the heat of the battle.

SalesTweets:  How to Boost Sales via Smart Chirps

Instructor: Pattie Simone, Founder, |@PattieSimone@BizActivist

Why SalesTweets? Twitter is an amazing promotional tool that can lead to significant brand reach and new sales. National brands and newbies alike have generated buzz and revenue streams through creative chirps, using a range of offers, But how can a time-strapped small business owner tap into Twitter as a sales vehicle? What strategies and campaigns should be pursued? How do you establish manageable processes that provide sensible ROI for your time and/or outside talent investment?

What You’ll Learn: This workshop will cover several SalesTweets success stories of national brands and small entrepreneurs, as well as how to develop winning campaigns. You’ll learn how to plan a campaign and word creative, engaging tweets, why you need to test different kinds of offers & deadlines, and the best way to connect with thought leaders and influencers. Find out why SalesTweets can also positively affect your Search Engine rankings and how to create authentic SalesTweets that resonate with your target markets. We’ll also cover some Twitter campaign management and engagement measurement tools, like Hootsuite and Twaiter.

3:05 – 3:40 pm

How To Mine Twitter Data For Bottom-Line Intelligence

Instructor: Karsten Januszewski, Software engineer, Microsoft | @irhetoric

Why Data-Mining? Whether for brand management, monitoring events or market research, data-mining Twitter can yield unique insights into customers and market trends.

What You’ll Learn: Learn about free tools that you can use to archive Twitter data and discover trends across the data. The workshop will cover tips and tricks to import Twitter data into Excel, and then show techniques to analyze the data for meaningful insights.

How to Claim Your Business (and Customers) on Location-Based Networks

Instructor: Bob Fine, Founder of the Cool Blue Company | @bobfine

Why Claim Your Business? Location-based services are becoming an increasingly important facet of a business’s marketing strategy, particularly within the retail sector. Those businesses that learn and adopt a strategy to best take advantage of this capability will have a leg up on the competition, with a clear difference and reason for the customer to shop at one locale versus another.

What You’ll Learn: We’ll provide an overview of the top five location-based services currently in the market, identifying the pros and cons of each service. You’ll then learn various strategies that can be implemented with each service in order to attract and maintain customers.