5 Bottom-Line Reasons (+ 1 Bonus) to Register for TWTRCON SF 2010 Today

TWTRCON SF 09 photo courtesy of Brian Solis

It’s less than 4 weeks to TWTRCON SF 2010–which means it’s time for you to get signed up & make your travel plans!  If you need to get approval from your department head to spend time and money on participating in conferences, or need to decide how to invest your time, here are five bottom-line (+1 bonus) reasons to ad TWTRCON SF 2010 to your calendar:

  1. TWTRCON is the only event specifically created for people who are responsible for managing their company’s real-time strategy on Twitter and other real-time platforms such as Foursquare or anything that lets you listen to and communicate with customers in real-time.
  2. It’s a very efficient learning experience:  in one day, you get a total immersion into the best practices, tools and techniques you need to keep your business on track and develop new ways of using the platforms.
  3. You’ll learn how to use Twitter and other real-time tools to drive your bottom line:  to build (and protect) your brand, listen and respond to customers, create collaborative communities inside and outside your organization, and deliver bottom line results.
  4. You get access to lots of content:
    • 13 real-time business case studies of large and small brands, across different industries, from companies such as Ford Motor, H&R Block, Southwest Airlines, SAP, Wells Fargo and more.
    • 8 workshops with practical, hands-on training on topics such as geo-location, team micro-blogging, game-based marketing campaigns, real-time data mining, analytics and more.
    • The latest tools designed to help you manage team tweeting, integrated campaign analytics, real-time customer response and more in our demo area and through mini-presentations, and a real-time tools panel led by oneforty.com founder Laura Fitton.
    • An agenda that includes the latest trends and research to help you stay at the forefront of real-time business, including sessions about promoted tweets, analytics and social search.
    • Access to speakers that include real-time business pioneers like Ford’s Scott Monty and SAP’s Mark Yolton, and leading experts on real-time business like Steve Rubel, Brian Solis and Laura Fitton.
    • Networking time to let you meet and exchange ideas with about 300 other people who are facing some of the same challenges you are.
  5. At $545 per pass ($445 for non-profits), TWTRCON SF is a great deal.  If you can find two friends or colleagues to sign up with you, you can get a TWTRCON 3-pack, which saves everybody 33% off their ticket price.  And if you’re short of funds or don’t have access to a training budget, you may still be able to participate via our Go Standby program.  Whichever way you decide to go, do register asap–our 2009 event was sold out.
  6. BONUS: We believe that people learn more when they’re having fun, so we do a lot of things to make TWTRCON events an interactive, playful, high-energy and not-too-serious experience for everyone.  We’ve already ordered the chocolate-chip cookies; we’re busy making up rules for Tweetball, a new game we’re hoping to try out on you; we’re the only event that has a MixTweet; and we’re working with our non-profit partner Donors Choose to help them get the word out about how social media can help teachers get the supplies they need for their classrooms.

If there are any questions we can answer, please get in touch — reply to this post, tweet us @TWTRCON, or email me tonia@modernmediapartners.com.  We look forward to seeing you on November 18 in San Francisco!