50% of YouTube Users are Likely to Recommend the Site

A new study by Netpop Research measures user satisfaction with social media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – by how likely users are to recommend the site to someone else.  Facebook may be the most popular social networking site, but YouTube has the most satisfied users by a significant margin, as reported by Marketing Profs.

Half of YouTube users are likely to recommend the YouTube site to others, while only 36% of Facebook users are likely to recommend Facebook, and these numbers drop to 33% for Groupon and 30% for LinkedIn.  Only 11% of Twitter users are likely to recommend Twitter to others.

The same study also measured how many U.S. broadband users visited each social media site within the last 30 days:

  • Facebook tops the chart at 73%
  • Nearly half of those surveyed visited YouTube (49%)
  • 14% visited Twitter, just over Groupon’s 13%

The report pulled data across multiple demographic subgroups in the U.S. (age, education, employment status, household income).  See the full Netpop research report here: Social Animals: Who’s Sharing What and Why Online.