New Gremln Social Media Management Platform Includes Integrated ROI Analytics

HootSuite and PeopleBrowsr have a new competitor: Gremln formally launched its social media management platform this week, and it includes several unusual features that you may want to check out. In addition to being a feature-rich, user-friendly integrated management, scheduling and collaboration platform, Gremln offers some unique analytics features that let you track your social media activity directly to a web site landing page.

Gremln lets you manage your activity on all of the major social networks at the same time. The main dashboard resembles a TweetDeck layout, with the ability to set up multiple panels that track different types of activity across different accounts. You can add panels that track Twitter activity–including some fairly sophisticated Twitter searches–Facebook accounts and Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. You can also add RSS feeds and blog searches, which makes this a truly integrated home base for anyone managing content across social networks and blogs.

Once your panels are set up, you can manage the content across all of your networks. Gremln has included a nifty translation feature that lets you translate posts into all major languages, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese. You also have the ability to “quote” tweets — modify the content before re-sharing it, in the original ReTweet style.

Gremln makes it easy to post content across multiple networks and to manage multiple accounts from the same dashboard. You can schedule one-time posts or schedule recurring posts with a great deal of flexibility.

Where the tool really starts to go from useful to interesting, however, is when it comes to social media analytics and ROI measurement.  The platform pulls in analytics from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to offering you web site traffic analysis.  It has the ability to set goals and track performance against those goals.

The company has also created its own URL shortener, called, and if you use it to create the links you send out, you will be able to track your clicks all the way through to your landing page, a feature that Gremln calls Target Pages and which is available to users who pay $59/month for the small business version.  Down the line, the company is planning to add integrated analytics features that will  let you see the flow of traffic from your social media efforts to your web site, according Ryan Bell, the president of Gremln.

Enterprise-Level Collaborative Social Media Management

Gremln offers a number of enterprise-level team and franchise social media management features. It includes the ability to grant different levels of access to additional users. If you specify guest-level access, then all of the content from that user is subject to approval. The company also offers a white-label version of the platform, which lets you create a custom skinned and branded environment, creating a tool to manage decentralized content creation across multiple divisions or franchises.  Bell told me that his team is currently working with a financial services company to develop a compliance management panel that lets you specify certain words that would automatically trigger a moderation requirement–he expects these features to be available in mid-March.

The basic version is free, and it lets you manage up to 5 accounts, a slightly more robust version (up to 10 accounts; ability to manage Fan Pages, include web analytics, etc.) is available for $6 per month.  More details are available at

Gremln currently has 100,000 users, and hopes to reach 1 million in the next 12 months.  Will you be one of them?  Which social media platform do you use?