Conair Mobile Campaign Earns 800K Completed Video Views

Conair mobile videoMobile video – coupled with digital rewards – yielded impressive results in Conair’s recent mobile campaign.  While many brands are still looking for the right way to delve into mobile, the hair styling appliance brand earned 800,000 views by offering consumers an incentive to view a mobile video ad.

Looking to increase the brand’s presence on mobile, as well as raising brand awareness and purchase consideration, Conair worked with Tapjoy to promote a video showing how to use Conair’s Spin Air Brush.  Consumers chose to click on the ad, and then earned two credits for watching the video.  Viewers also received an additional credit for liking the brand on Facebook and for following Conair on Twitter.

The campaign saw 800,000 video views over seven weeks; according to Mobile Marketer, the “most receptive respondents” were frequent category users and high-income earners.  Competitive product users were also more likely to purchase Conair products based on viewing the ads.

The most interesting results came from a comparison between the mobile campaign and a control group that saw the same creative on TV.  The mobile ads produced 5.7% higher ad awareness, 7.6% higher brand favorability and nearly 10% higher purchase intent.

Compared to the overall mobile audience, consumers who viewed the mobile video also showed higher brand awareness (by 19.1%), brand favorability (5.6%) and purchase intent (7.3%).

Do consumers mind this kind of marketing? Peter Dille, chief marketing officer at Tapjoy, explains “They are playing their game, see the offer, are interested in Conair’s product, they watch it and now they get rewarded with points in the game they are playing and all of a sudden they feel a whole lot better about the brand that brought them the experience that they like so much.”

The campaign puts consumers “in control” of their mobile advertising experience; Dille says, “Here you are actually opting into the ad because you are interested in seeing it.” So the campaign is effective for consumers – they see only what they choose – and it provides efficient marketing for the brand; Conair only pays for completed video views.