Security Tips for New Home Buyers

Security Tips for New Home Buyers

Residential security should never be taken for granted, especially for homeowners who recently moved in. You’re new to a location, plus you’re not completely familiar with the neighborhood. Also, you want to ensure that your family and valuables are safe from harm. Below are some of the most practical ways you can secure your new abode.

Start with The Doors and Windows

The majority of robbers enter a house through the doors and windows. As such, you need to check the quality and durability of the locks installed. Are they industry-grade? Are they firmly attached to the door or window? If you don’t mind shelling out more money, you can even add doorbell cameras so you can check the person knocking before you open the door. You may also use smart door locks equipped with an advanced tech system.

Install the Right Security Equipment

One of the most practical ways you can protect your home and deter criminals from breaking in is to install a security camera and an alarm system. It’s better to hire a specialist in alarms and security camera installation like this one in Miami. There’s more to installing a security system than understanding where to place the camera and alarms. Hence, hiring a professional is highly recommended.

With a fully functional security system, you can monitor high risk areas such as the garage, your windows and front door.

Having a brightly lit outdoor area at night can significantly lower your risk of getting robbed. Install lighting fixtures near your yard, in front of the garage and other parts of your property. Go for LED lights because they’re brighter and more energy efficient compared to other types of light bulbs.

You can also install sensor activated lights along the garden pathway or your porch so you can discourage criminals from sneaking inside your property. Just avoid installing this type of lighting fixture near the streets to avoid irking your neighbors as well as people passing by your property.

Trim the Shrubs and Grass

See to it that you regularly trim the plants in your garden. Tall and bushy shrubs and grass can be used as a burglar’s temporary hideout before he/she attempts to invade your home. If your property came with a lush garden, check which plants you may need to remove or trim. Alternatively, you can install small outdoor lights to fully illuminate the area.

Secure Your Garage Space

The garage is also a high-risk area for burglars. They may use it as their entry point if they can’t access the front or back door. Hence, you need to ensure that it’s fully secured at all times. Lock all the garage doors both inside and outside to eliminate the possibility of any break-in. If you use an electric opener, don’t share the security code with other people aside from your family members.

Secure and protect your new home with the tips listed above. This way you can ensure the smooth transition of your life from your previous house to the place you currently live in.