Scaling Your Business:
How to Grow Your E-Commerce Sales

While your business might have already hit its annual profitability projections, you can’t afford to stick to the same tactics to attract and retain your customers. Most businesses will experience a decline or plateau at some stage, which is why you must routinely find new ways to grow your revenue.

Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

To ensure your brand never suffers from financial hardship, here are some pointers on how to grow your e-commerce sales.

Establish Trust ASAP

Your e-commerce brand could be missing out on substantial revenue due to a lack of trust from your visitors. If an online user is unfamiliar with your brand, they will look for symbols of credibility that will convince them they are safe to hand over their personal and financial information.

As cybersecurity is a genuine worry for online shoppers, you can ease their concerns by:

  • Displaying security badges on your website (e.g. Paypal Verified, McAfee Secure, and Verified and Secured)
  • Featuring the padlock icon in the browser window (Buy an SSL certificate)
  • Adding a privacy policy
  • Providing a third-party payment gateway (e.g. PayPal and Apple Pay)
  • Incorporating honest and impartial customer reviews

The above trust signals could immediately establish your website’s credibility and increase the likelihood of a visitor buying your products.

Launch an App

It has been reported that consumers spend an incredible 85% of their time on mobile apps. If you have yet to consider mobile app marketing, now is the perfect time.

An app will not only drive sales, but it could help your brand to increase customer loyalty. As the app will live on their mobile device, they will be more likely to engage with your products and buy from your business.

However, launching an application development project isn’t a simple feat. It can require a great deal of time, resources, and skills, which you would be wise to outsource.

Use a Live Chat Facility

Visitors might want to receive many answers to their questions before they place an order on your website. A live chat facility can help them to make an informed decision as soon as they arrive, as your brand can directly engage with a customer. It can help you to ease a concern and convince a visitor to add an item into their shopping cart.

Feature Regular Discounts

Give your customers a reason to choose your brand over a competitor by featuring regular discounts on your website or mobile app. The deal could convince a visitor to buy one or more products, which could dramatically increase your sales and help you to hit or exceed your annual profit projections. Everyone wants to secure a good deal and slashing the price of many items could result in a visitor becoming a loyal customer.

Don’t settle for reaching your revenue goals in 2020. Aim to exceed your expectations by following the above tips for boosting your e-commerce sales. It could help your business to enjoy a stronger position online and greater financial security.