4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself
About the Safety Equipment In Your Place of Business

It’s been some time since you took a good look at the safety measures and equipment at your place of business. Now is a good time to consider what’s still good and what may need to be changed. Remember that safety can include paying attention to everything from rack machine guards to the overhead sprinkler system found in certain areas of the facility. Ask yourself the following questions and see answers that are as complete as possible. You’ll soon know if any changes are in order.

What’s Not Up to Date?

Even the best safety equipment will not last forever. Consider what you purchased in the past and how long it’s been since it was used. You may find that some of what you have is well over a decade old and hasn’t been touched since it was installed.

Age doesn’t necessarily mean that some of the equipment is no longer up to date. It could still be fine. There is some chance that advances in technology has rendered some of the equipment obsolete. If that’s the case, considering some replacements is in order.

Do You Have Some Things That are Worn Out?

Take the time to look closely at the different safety equipment you have on hand. Is some of it showing signs of wearing out? For example, have you had to replace some of the components on a regular basis? If that’s happening now, it won’t be much longer you find getting replacement parts is cost-prohibitive. You may even find that the parts become increasingly harder to get. Updating some of the equipment now could make things a little safer and save money over the long run.

How About Adequate Protection in Newer Areas of the Facility?

The business has expanded over the years. That means the need for safety equipment is greater. While you have bought a few things, is there more than needs to be done? Now is a good time to learn more  about CO2 fire extinguishers and how many you should have in place per square feet. It could be that adding a few more plus some other equipment would make a big difference if the place had to be evacuated due to fire or some other emergency.

Would a Safety Evaluation Help?

If you’re not sure where to begin, one approach is to contact a fire safety professional with a supply service. It’s not unusual for services like this to offer free consultations. After walking through the facility and seeing what’s in place, it will be easier to recommend what type of equipment should be replaced and what can be added to increase safety. You may find that what the professional recommends will be easier to buy and install than you expected.

The goal of any business safety program is to protect employees and also provide a measure of protection to finished goods, raw inventory, and other aspects of the operation. Take your time, go over the facility with care, and it won’t be long before you have a list of what needs to be done. You can bet that all those efforts will pay off in the long run.