Top Custom Software Development Companies in the US

The needs of end-users are now being met with custom solutions. They are now being provided with amazing UX, boosting their retention and overall satisfaction. These kinds of software products are not limited by any operational system, browser, or mobile platform. They can serve the needs of millions of users without having any downtime.

For those looking to run their next software project, custom software development companies are willing to offer technical expertise, cross-functional teams, and knowledge specific to their industry to guarantee its success. Here is a list of some of the best custom software development companies in the US, unique differentiators, and their services package.

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft has perfected proficiency in a plethora of domains. With a team of over 700 experts, they have made a name for themselves as being a force to reckon with when it comes to providing services in software development for non-IT organizations, and even product companies.

The team at ScienceSoft provides expertise in Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and other domains. They are also competent in their delivery. It doesn’t matter what the requirements may be, ScienceSoft has shown they are up to the task of delivering products of high quality.

When you talk about custom software development services, mobile apps, and enterprise solutions, one company that is currently leading the charge is Intetics. With over 20 years of experience in providing software development services to both startups and established companies, their exceptional quality and high-end service in this industry are unrivaled.

No matter how complicated or incomplete the specifications from the clients may be, the team at Intetics finds a way to deliver just what is needed at a high level.

Although this company was founded in 2015, their software development services based on AdTech solutions, online video management, etc. are one of a kind. The company’s mission remains to support and enable continuous innovation and overcome challenges faced by high-profile clients.

Oxagile remains one of the best custom software development service companies in the US, as they ensure customers do not struggle with difficulties in AI, Big data, Web app development, and mobile.

HQSoftware provides cost-effective digital products to companies all over the world. They employ IoT, AR, and VR technologies and have completed projects for over 300 clients. Some of which include; Canon, BBC, Honda. The company has been successful in providing services to companies in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agriculture, eCommerce domain, and eLearning.

The cross-functional team at Jafton is excellent at tackling difficult problems that require unique expertise. At Jafton, the aim is to provide complete custom software development services that navigate RFP to Support with the highest level of efficiency.

Exadel is an excellent choice for businesses able to lower application lifecycle costs, to boost their productivity. In over 22 years of its existence, the company has worked with smaller companies and enterprise-level. The experts in the team at Exadel have the much-desired skills to craft products that are technologically intensive that will help in providing assistance and support.